Back to this page after a long long time. Had to be this quarantine time to type in a few words.

Sometimes you come to a stage in life when you know that a metamorphosis has happened. What was past is past and you have come to be a new being. Though nothing new has happened, no drastic change has happened but internally it feels like that. Sometimes when it feels like that you keep it to yourself or write it down. When you write it down and come back to read it, it feels great, sometimes it also feels that was it me who had written this ?

Don’t know how but today it feels like as if a long bike ride is round the corner.

Came across these beautiful lines from a book which is lying to be read. I have started keeping a book handy along with the book i am currently reading. It does 2 things: 1)Reduces the TAT of picking the next book 2)You start knowing the book much before you start reading it. The second point is very important in book reading, you need to break that bond before picking the next book. So coming back to the lines,’ Whether you prevail or fail, endure or die depends more on what you do for yourself than what the world does to you.’

Between Udaan is the name of my bike and it is calling for a ride because,’ इक उड़ान कब तलक यूँ कैद रहेगी.’

Chasing Sunsets and Starry Nights

I look up and see a coconut tree, few scattered stars in the Mumbai sky and an airplane which just took off. It is 1 am at Juhu Beach and there are hardly any people around. I sit speaking with my office colleagues and contemplate in the occasional silence. I am amazed that even in cities like Mumbai we can find that corner of peace. I must say an imagery of life , there is always that quiet in all the chaos. On my way to this place the Autowallah happily had shown  the gates of Bacchan residence. I smile and think what makes this city special : Bollywood ? Underworld ? Bar Stock Exchange ? Local trains ? or something else ? Maybe it is about the hope , the hope with which everyone gets up irrespective of where they come from , Dharavi or South Mumbai.

Everytime in life when i feel low, i get motivated by the smiling face of a lassi wala who used to travel 80 km daily one way to sell lassi in the busy Nehru Place Market. 20 km cycle ride which begins at 4 am , a couple of train rides and here he is daily , day in day out . What motivates him ?I will never know but for me it will be always about the discipline. Was reading an article today,” Why I respect Fit People” it talks about the discipline and it nothing but discipline that carries us forward.


While the world will be talking of Modi, of Airport looks , of Sports Cars, of Football games, of rich people, there will always be some who will be perched somewhere and experience a beautiful sunrise. Of all the comparisons that the world throws at you , there will   always be sunsets, sunrises, stars which will equalize us all and probably someday we might all stop chasing targets and chase life becomes more about,”chasing sunsets and Starry Nights.”



Bangalore Weekend Getaway-Masinagudi


What a wonderful morning ride I had today, will stay in my memory for a long time. The usual time for opening of the National Park was by 6 am but I was already there at 5:45 , waiting , making sure that i don’t waste much time as I had to ride 250km and report for work. The security guy made me wait for 5 minutes and then opened. It was then I entered the Mudumalai National Park, all on my own with no humans around , it was just the forest, the trees, the clouds, the morning mist emanating from a small pool, birds chirping and me. Just at the entrance of the Mudumalai National Park saw a herd of deers, about 100 in number , peacefully grazing.


It was that time of the morning where you debate whether to switch off the vehicle lights or not, the sun fighting to come out of the clouds and color of the sky changing from ruddy orange to blue. It was among all this that a family of Elephant crossed the road, peacefully, much like how the morning was. I kept riding in the lush greenery watching the painted sky the winding roads. I think there was something in this morning , it gifted me yet again with a small size leopard sighting. If there is a road there is always a story and some stories are best told without pictures clicked.


Masinagudi is a beautiful place very close to the Bandipur Forest Reserve. Situated at 243 km from Bangalore, this is an amazing place for a weekend getaway. The route passes through the Bandipur forest reserve which is so scenic.


Masinagudi is located in Mudumalia wildlife sanctuary and you should definitely take a jeep safari both early morning and evening. I was lucky enough to spot a bear and few wild elephants. If you are planning a trip to ooti , you can club masinagudi in your itinerary and spend a night here.



Where to stay: I would highly recommend Safari Land Villa for its spacious rooms, scenic location and an amazing swimming pool. The food was average but the staff is really good.


So what is stopping you from stepping out for a 5 hour journey to this beautiful place in Karnataka ?


Coastal Karnataka- Mangalore,Murudeshwar, Udupi , Agumbe- 4 days

Coastal Karnataka is less hyped and very beautiful. Right from beaches, temples, waterfalls and amazing cuisine, this should be on your travel list. I did a 4 days trip in this region was mesmerized, given an opportunity I would spend some more time in this region.


How i did it : Overnight bus from Bangalore to Manipal. Kept the base at Manipal, got a good deal and booked stay at Country Inn and suites by Radisson. Rented a bike at R R Bros Manipal and traveled to all the nearby towns , beaches etc.

My itinerary:

Day 1: Murudeshwar

Day 2: Udupi and Manipal

Day 3: Koodlu Teertha waterfalls

Day 4:  Doddamane , Kundadri



At a distance of 103 km one way from Manipal is Murudeshwar which has the second tallest Shiva Statue. The sea on three sides surrounds the temple towering on the small hill called Kanduka Giri. This is a great place to watch the sunset. Murudeshwar is also known for the Murudeshwar Fort and wonderful beaches. Nearby Netrani Island is also a very popular spot for tourists as it offers excellent boating, snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.


Exactly midway to Murudeshwar is Maravanth Beach. It is one of its kind with the beach on one side and river on the other. There a cemented platform to sit and the atmosphere is relatively quiet. In fact like us, you can plan to see the sunset here while returning back from Murudeshwar.

Udupi and Manipal:

mani 2

Manipal is a strategic town which is close enough to Udupi and Mangalore. Owing to a big college it is a very fun kind of town with lot of eating joints, cafes and pubs. Also one can just head to one day of gluttony to Mangalore , with the must try pot Biryani. In Manipal city you should explore Baba point and Suvarna River


Udupi is famous for its beaches . especially Malpe and Kapu. Malpe beach is clean with a lot of water activities. However the main attraction of Malpe beach is to catch a half an hour ferry ride to St Mary’s Island. Probably my best memory of this trip would be bathing in crystal clear waters at St Mary’s Island. You get a 2 way ferry for 300 bucks and this trip is totally worth the hassle. This place also reminds us how beaches untouched by humans still have their beauty.


Kapu is the lighthouse beach of Udupi. There is a light house at the beach which adds to the beauty of the beach. Try climbing to the top of lighthouse and experience the sunset from there. The view of the Arabian Sea is mesmerizing from here.



Koodlu Teertha Waterfalls:

I am a waterfall person so spent 1 day at this amazing waterfall. Located at about 50km one way from Manipal, this was an amazing ride. The Manipal Agumbe road has amazing greenery and at many places it is almost like a canopy of trees. You leave the Manipal Agumbe road and take a detour 10 kms inside for the beginning of the trek to the waterfalls. This detour is almost like offroad biking and adds to the charm if you are on the bike.  The trek to the waterfall is simple 40 minutes walk crossing a few streams and so a good trekking shoes would be favorable. There is a small place to eat about 500 m from the base of the trek. This was an amazing waterfall and totally worth the effort.


Doddamane , Kundadri

The scenic Manipal Agumbe route made me take the trip to Doddamane. Doddamane,Doddamanne, 2 episodes of Malgudi days were shot in this house. This 120 year old house is an architectural marvel as well with a central courtyard , underground storage, well lighted and ventilated rooms . Currently it is run as a guest house and has awesome food.  This is on the main road and one cannot miss out on it.


Situated at about 20km from Doddamane, the ride to Kundadri top is interesting and the view from top is quite surreal. Perfect place to reach after a 70 km ride and take a break with the view.


22 Books read in 2018

  1. 12 years a slave by Solomon Northup
  2. How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie
  3. A short walk in the hindukush- Eric newby
  4. Norwegian wood- haruki murakami
  5. Chronicles- Bob Dylan
  6. Salvation of a saint- Keigo Higashino
  7. China road- Rob gifford
  8. Travels in alaska- John Muir
  9. The new life- Orhan pamuk
  10. Sri lanka- lonely planet
  11. A walk in the woods- bill bryson
  12. Another 100 lyrics- Gulzar
  13. A long way down – nick hornby
  14. Purple Hibiscus- Chimanda Ngozi Adichie
  15. Maximum city- Suketu Mehta
  16. Land of seven rivers by Sanjeev Sanyal
  17. Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
  18. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
  19. When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi
  20. Lajja by Taslima Nasreen
  21. The road less traveled by M Scotte Pecker
  22. Life without limits- Nick Vujicic

Bangalore Weekend Getaway- Gandikota

I do not like to compare Indian places with Western Names, Gandikota is one gem of an unique place in Andhra.Though a lot of people refer this as being the Grand Canyon of India, I would let it be as it is.

Evening View


Gandikota is worth a weekend ride from Bangalore. I rode here solo covering a total distance of 282 kms. Though it might look as a little more for a weekend, if you start early you will definitely be there by lunch time.

Break for sunrise

The ride is really scenic plus if you start at 4 , you get to see the sunrise on empty roads. The condition of roads are good, i only felt that there were fewer places to eat on the way.

I did not find a lot of places to stay at Gandikota and booked a room at Haritha Resort.You can prebook online using the AP tourism website. If you want to camp at Gandikota, you can rent a tent from here, however I do not see the point of the same as the canyon is just walking distance from the resort. I just woke up early and saw the sunrise and also took a walk in the evening to see it in night. The rooms were comfortable and food good enough to survive.

Haritha Resort

I hope you go there when there are very few people and it will be a meditative experience.If you climb up the rocks the 360 degree view is great and the wind does blow at a good speed. My experience was amazing, i felt that this makes a perfect weekend ride getaway and ya you never are solo on the road or at a place, e.g say hi to my monkey friend at Gandikota.


Sri Lanka- 10 days Backpacking

If you don’t have many days and still want to experience Wildlife, Beaches, History, Culture, National Parks, Hikes, Waterfalls, Mountain Chill etc. , Sri Lanka is the place for you.Have already been to a few countries but what made the Sri Lanks trip so memorable was that you could encounter a different vegetation and climate in every 100kms. To talk in Financial terms a SriLanka trip would give you the best ROI.

nanu oya
Nanu oya

When did i Go? – July ( though you might feel that it is monsoons, yet the East Coast is good enough and can be traveled)

VISA- Book online through the official government website: https://www.srilankanvisagov.com/

Currency: I was traveling from Bangalore and carried Sri lankan currency through my local currency exchange place.(Please carry cash everywhere, I found Sri Lankan people very reluctant in accepting cash even at high end restaurants. Also at places where you have to pay entry fees, one was supposed to pay cash.

Elephant Ride at Kandy

Flights: I took the Flight from Bangalore , it was Indigo and just 1 hour flight . Do look out while landing and if it is clear day you can clearly make out the Tail of India and beginning of Sri Lanka.

Local Commute: In Colombo I used Uber once as i had Wifi at the hotel. However you have taxis , local buses, autos for local commute. For intercity commute you have buses, trains, taxis(please bargain) and autos.

Stay: All the hotels I stayed in were pre booked at least 3 months in advance(it gives you a great choice of places at competitive Pricing)

sri lanka
Some great food

Network : I prefer no network, however I saw Airtel advertisement in Sri Lanka, so you can find out.

My itinerary:

Day 1: Land in Colombo

Day 2: Train to Kandy

Day 3: Kandy

Day 4: Auto from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya

Day 5: Nuwara Eliya

Day 6: Train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella

Day 7: Ella

Day 8: Bus to Tangalle

Day 9: Tangalle

Day 10: Colombo

Colombo: If you are coming to Sri Lanka , you must be definitely landing at Bandarnaike International Airport. For your information the Airport is quite far from the main city and even to reach to the first metro you will have to travel at least 30km. I took a cab (bargain)outside the airport and it dropped me to my hotel. You would be either moving towards Kandy or Galles side, either ways you might have to come to the the fort area. The fort area is crowded but beautiful.Don’t miss out on Pettah Market. I would advice you to stay in the Mount Lavinia area. There are plenty of hotels at a walking distance from the beach and this would be a great place to rest and soak the sun until you move to the next town.

Mount Lavinia 

Kandy :

I had booked a first class train ticket online from Colombo to Kandy. It was a 3 hour ride and a wonderful one. 500 meters above sea level this is the place where you get the first relief of getting away from the sea. A small clean city with a huge lake in the center will always remain in my memory, especially the run around the lake. Kandy is clean, green , pleasant with a lot to do. Temple of tooth relic, visit to spice gardens, elephant ride, a curry rice meal , visit to the buddha point are some of things that you should definitely do at Kandy. I had hired an auto to see the local places and my guy was very professional.

temple of tooth relic
Temple of tooth relic

Nuwara eliya:

At an altitude of 1868m, this is an awesome destination in Sri Lanka. I took the auto from Kandy to Nuwara eliya. The route is scenic and had 2 huge waterfalls on the way which were pure bliss. The fascinating part was that in 3 hours you reach a place which is so cool. It is small lookalike of a British Town and has great places to eat. Don’t miss out the post office and lover’s leap waterfall. This is also the gateway to Horton National Park and we spent a good half day at the National Park.

horton national park
Horton National Park


We took the train from Nanu Oya to Ella. Nanu Oya is a beautiful railway station 9km from Nuwara Eliya and you will find it full of backpackers as this is the most coveted train route. We did not get the first class ticket and the train was full, we managed to squeeze in and in half an hour got place to sit. The train ride amidst tea gardens and greenery was just breathtaking. Our place to stay was at walking distance from the station. Did not expect Ella to be a party town, but yes, the main road has a lot of pubs/cafes and has a very touristy feel. We trekked to Ella Rock, the best part was a major part of the trek being on the railway track. You should also not miss out on the 9 arches bridge and have meals at various cafes. Ella was a happy happy place.

9 arches bridge


Tangalle is a lesser know, secluded beach destination of Sri Lanka. There is one long stretch of beach with varied choice of  resorts and cafes. Since it was world cup time , a lot of cafes were screening the matches as well so it was double fun. We took an early morning bus from Ella and it took us 4 hours to reach Tangalle. Since we had to catch a flight in 2 days time we prebooked a taxi from Tangalle to Colombo(once again bargain). Tangalle like any other beach town offers you time to soak the sea, eat and rest. The water was very clean, however the sea was quite rough during our stay.


Stayed at amazing places with good deals, you could google these and plan you stay:

Colombo:Tropic Inn

Kandy: Nature Walk Resort

Ella: Ella Eco Lodge

Tangalle: IBIS Business hotel

ella eco lodge
Breakfast at Ella Eco Lodge






Motivation:Luka Modric

“The best things never come easy”, says the cover page of Modric’s twitter handle.
Yes it was not a Ronaldo, it was not a Messi, Modric just won FIFA’s best player of the year award. He had also won the World cup golden ball.
Me being an Arsenal supporter, it was a sin to admire a Tottenham player but yes it was, he was good and he was not flashy, sort of player who would work silently and deliver.
Six months after his arrival at Real Madrid, he was voted as the worst singing in Real Madrid’s history in a poll by pro-Madrid newspaper MARCA. Now, he’s won four Champions League titles, made the FIFPro World XI three times, and won a World Cup Golden Ball. Not bad.
“The war made me stronger. I could not imagine my family suffering with me for a long time,”
In December 1991, when Luka was six years old, the Balkan war happened. The Serbian army had been making brutal attacks on the villages of Croatia .During this time, his family had to fight the odds to survive the cruelty. The six-year-old was shocked when his grandfather was shot dead in front of his eyes. His mum was a textile worker and his father was once a mechanic, who repaired cars for Croatian soldiers. When the Serbian crusade continued, Luka’s family moved to a refugee camp.In many interviews, Luka spoke about the sound of bombs and bullets he experienced in his childhood. He adds that his sister and him used to carefully look for mines while walking in the streets.

100 books

Just revisited my list of books read from 2015 , still 5 months to go but happy to reach 100 books since 2015. There might be few repetitions but definitely a list you must have a look at.

So here it goes:

  1. Short Stories by Leo Tolstoy
  2. Call of the wild by Jack London
  3. White Fang by Jack London
  4. Bhagvad Geeta
  5. For whom the bells toll- Ernest Hemingway
  6. Waiting for the Barbarians- J. M Coetzee
  7. Many Life many masters- Dr Brian Weiss
  8. The Outsider- Albert Camus
  9. On the Road- Jack Kerouac
  10. Animal Farm- George Orwell
  11. Freedom in Exile- Dalai Lama
  12. Divine Glimpses of the Holy book- Dr Davinderpal Singh
  13. Where Men win Glory- Jon Krakauer
  14. I am Malala- Malala Yousufzai
  15. The immortals of Meluha- Amish
  16. Midnight’s Children- Salman Rushdie
  17. The secret of the Nagas- Amish
  18. Walking- Henry David thoreau
  19. On the move- Oliver Sacks
  20. Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy
  21. The Godfather- Mario Puzo
  22. Open- Andre Aggasi
  23. Nine Lives- William Darymple
  24. An Autobiography- Benjamin Franklin
  25. The brothers Karamozov- Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  26. No Shotcuts to the top- Ed Viesturs
  27. Jonathon Livingston Seagull- Richard Bach
  28. India and the contemporary world- Social science text book NCERT
  29. Such a long Journey- Rohinton Mistry
  30. Eiger Dreams- Jon Krakauer
  31. Room-Emma Donoghue
  32. The Sense of an ending- Julian Barnes
  33. Eat,Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert
  34. Disgrace-J M Coetzee
  35. The Climb- Anatoli Boukreev
  36. Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac :
  37. The Road by Jack London:
  38. The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux :
  39. Buddha in blue jeans by Tai Sherdian:
  40. The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman:
  41. The importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
  42. Norwegian Wood byMurakami :
  43. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol
  44. Selected Short Stories by Jack London
  45. Narcissus and Golmumd by Hermann Hesse
  46. Don’t ask any old bloke for directions by P G Tenzing
  47. The Snow Leopard by Pat Heinessen
  48. Three Cups of tea by Grey Mortenson
  49. Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
  50. The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobsen
  51. Divasvapna by Gijubhai Badhek
  52. The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde
  53. Annapurna South Face by Chris Bonington
  54. The Seeker by Karan Bajaj
  55. A short walk in the Hindukush by Eric Newby
  56. Conquering Everest-The lives of Edmund and Tenzing Norgay
  57. You got nothing coming: Notes from a prison fish by Jimmy Lerne
  58. The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
  59. All quiet on the Western front by Erich Maria Lemarque
  60. The Extra Mile by Pam Reed
  61. The timekeeper by Mitch Albom
  62. A Wild sheep chase by Murakami
  63. The Wanderer by Knut Hamsun
  64. Rain in the mountains by Ruskin Bond
  65. The power of now by Eckhart Tole
  66. The light of the world by Elizabeth Alexander
  67. Travels in Alaska by John Muir
  68. Man’s Search for meaning: Victor E Frankl
  69. What i talk about when i talk about running – Haruki Murakam
  70. Cold Mountain by Charles Frazie
  71. How to attain eternal Happiness: Hanuman prasad Poddar
  72. Anywhere but home- Anu Vaidyanathan
  73. Becoming a mountain: Stephen Alter
  74. The illicit happiness of other people: Manu Joseph
  75. The Journey: Brandon Bays
  76. Lolita: Vladimir Nabokov
  77. Good life,good death-Gehlek Rimpoche
  78. Above the clouds: Anatoli Boukreev
  79. Autobiography of a Yogi- Paramhansa Yogdananda
  80. Tinkers-Paul Harding
  81. The Murder Book- Jonathan Kellerman
  82. Born again on a mountain- Arunima Sinha
  83. Focusing- Eugin T Geldin
  84. The devotion of suspect X- Keigo Higashino
  85. Notes from a small island- Bill Bryson
  86. My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel-  Ari Shavit
  87. 12 years a slave by Solomon Northup
  88. How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie
  89. A short walk in the hindukush- Eric newby
  90. Norwegian wood- haruki murakami
  91. Chronicles- Bob Dylan
  92. Salvation of a saint- Keigo Higashino
  93. China road- Rob gifford
  94. Travels in alaska- John Muir
  95. The new life- Orhan pamuk
  96. Sri lanka- lonely planet
  97. A walk in the woods- bill bryson
  98. Another 100 lyrics- Gulzar
  99. A long way down – nick hornby
  100. Purple Hibiscus- Chimanda Ngozi Adichie
  101. Maximum city- Suketu Mehta


The Accidental waterfall


The accidental waterfall : I just had a faint idea of a waterfall at Barot and was walking on the road to begin the trek to the fall. A local asked me where I was heading to and upon hearing about the waterfall , he assigned 2 kids to guide me to the fall.The ascent to Shesh Nag waterfall was tough and first we reached a village enroute the fall where another set of kids volunteered to guide me. The waterfall was enchanting and the ice cold water could not deter me from taking a dip.Had a Maggi and tea and offered the kids the same but they settled for a packet of chips.


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