Bringing Light

“Where knowledge is free , where the world has not been broken into narrow domestic walls”.
So great were RABINDRANATH TAGORES words but we have totally deviated from his thoughts .
I have spent first 6 years of my life in village and i started my primary education in the village school . Even today when i visit my village school i am amzed that nothing has changed in these15 years , the same blackboards, children sitting on shacks and half the year the school closed due to lack of teachers ,rain or social issues .
i am talking of the villages where if a family member dies its happy news as there is one stomach less to feed . Where the whole family commits suicide as they can not sustain the survival pressures . i have seen people kill , fight for very small sum of money . all of this is due to ignorance , lack of guidance leading to poverty that makes them commit heinous crimes or resort to suicide.
During my summer vacations i saw the same situation in a colony near to my home .I used to go for milk in that colony and saw how small children spoiling their future . The children there never go to school and spent the whole day looking after their cattle . Some of them were also addicted to smoking and gambling . I was overwhelmed by the situation and decided to do something for them. i persuaded my mom to take out some time for these downtrodden .
my mom agreed and she started free night classes for the lot . It started with 2 children and today there are 20 of them .
Well friends let’s bring hope and light in others life , you will be blessed.

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  1. Moli says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Moli says:

    Bachcha bhai,I sometimes feel you who once had to live such a tough life to be more fortunate than people like us, because you got to see the two sides of life… now you understand things better, you value things.. and more.. you are free of any fear..Have a bright future

  3. Shrey says:

    A brilliant gesture by you and ur mom..Hats off !!

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