“Few people even scratch the surface , much less exhaust the contemplation of their own experience “
I was once very touched by Anton Checkov’s story “The Bet “. Its about a lawyer who becomes wise by living in solitude . i tried this out. There was an empty room in my house , small , no windows and no furniture at all . I just locked myself with no mobile , books ,clock , absolutely nothing .
you know it was an entirely different world inside the room. damn silence , white walls which went black as i switched off the lights . i felt that when you are alone thoughts start pouring in and the same happened . I started thinking wisely . ” i realised that we are slaves , we are slaves of our dreams , our thoughts .We dont know where we are heading to just moving on life’s course blindly .People talk of “pursuit of happiness ” but ask them i am sure they cant define happiness . happiness is a very difficult thing to understand . we are becoming materialistic in our search of glory . we have become slaves of the system .Mere materialistic things cant make one happy , in fact that happiness is an illusion .
I have heard people saying ” i am feeling lonely or saying “missed you alot “. In fact we are always lonely in our life . relationships are meagre boundages but the whole idea is that we lead the whole life for our own , we come alone we go alone . our life is much like a link in a long chain with a very important difference that the others link are unaffected by the other link .
We all are aware of the three dimensions but there are many other dimensions which can be perceived in solitude . Introspections are important part of life . May be shear silence can illuminate our dark misdirected life .

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  1. Moli says:

    We come alone, live only for ourselves and then we go alone.very true.

  2. bhale says:

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  3. aniket says:

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  4. bhale says:

    my idea is, because we take so much pleasure in relationships, friends etc. the solitude makes us depressed.. its your choice, being alone or not, i don’t agree that the chains are not linked.. Once more in solitude, just think how your life would have been without all these people in your life.. its like writing a blog and nobody’s there to comment on it.. if you still don’t appreciate it, you must really be escaping something.. think

  5. aniket says:

    You say relations… I say contacts.Read this.

  6. I am sure everybody would have felt this-when you think of whatever you have heard from others(call it second experience because it is not your own experience or learning)you become very confused of everything but when you contemplate on the subject in your new way,you feel that you have got the right way.This holds the same amount of truth that you can contemplate afresh only when you are alone.

  7. Moli says:

    you have been tagged

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