Spare the rod , spoil the child ….

There are some memories that keep coming back making you realize the importance of those moments . Yesterday while having an ice cream an event occurred to me and made laugh .
I Accept that i was a hooligan and that was the reason i got beat up regularly by my teachers and by my mom. I was in std 1 may be six years of age but this incident is still fresh in my heart . I was given 21 bucks to by the sports t shirt which was a uniform to be worn on fridays . The period in which i had to submit the money to my teacher was after lunch .Somehow my friends came to know that i had money and insisted me for buying ice creams for them .I couldn’t say no to them as i had enjoyed many ice creams with them on their money ofcourse . When i went back home i saw that my mom was not at all in a good mood and those days we were not very financially sound too, and 21 bucks on ice cream was a big issue.So i restrained from speaking the truth at that instant . But after getting constantly pained by my teachers i had to say it somehow. On one evening , i found my mom happy and so i thought that this was the apropriate time to cash on the opportunity.But it turned the other way round for me . The walloping still is fresh in my mind .It was a lesson for a lifetime . I was not beat up for ice cream but for telling lies .
I would also like to mention late “mrs francis ” , she was the principal of the primary section. Somehow she saw that i was a prank master and whenever she met me gave me a lecture on moral responsibilities , discipline , responsibility. I hated her lectures very much at those moments and generally used to hide away on sight of her.But she in my 10 years in school always made a point to speak to me .
In fact i was so notorious that i got regular whackings in school . In fact i got a total of 32 beatings with a cane on my butts in std 10 itself . “I can still feel the pain of the cane “
But today i realize that all these things were responsible in turning a village kid to a man .I was fortunate enough that people cared about me and also led me to the correct path , which has made all the difference . In the words of the holy Bible “He that spareth his rod hateth his son,but he that loveth him chasteneths him betimes”.

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  1. i wish IIT profs also start using that ROD, you really deserved it.. 😉

  2. bhale says:

    who said you have evolved to become a man… you are still BACHHA…..

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