Live for the family….

“I dont care how poor a man is , if he has a family he is rich”
Yesterday while talking to some of my friends i was completely overwhelmed . I came to know how important a family means to some of us.
One of friends lost his father recently. In his words”you know my father was a very happy man when he was dieing . He wanted to meet all of us and luckily we all were present at that time . I came to know how important the family means to him and just that he could meet his beloved once for last time made him happy . My father had gone through many hardships for us . There was a day when we did not have money to buy woods for cooking .It was a great feeling , we were happy that we all were together into this.I felt the hidden love and respect among us.The most moving part was that my mother stole some woods from the neighbours house just because we were hungry.”
This discussion really moved me . We tend to forget our family sometimes but situations make us realise their importance . When you are in despair family come’ s to your rescue .
Another friend came to the discussion . In his words” during the vacations i was infected by malaria . None of my friends were here . I have spent much of my life in a residential school and so i am not that emotionally attached with my family. I even feel ashamed to ask my parents about their health . But the care they showed during my illness brought us together .I realised that they are the once who will always live with me and you can approach them anytime you want.”
Its really wonderful that by berth we have been bounded to our family. Its something which is permanent , meaning to say that friend will come and go , you may feel that someone is very caring but in the long run its the family which is the ultimate saviour .
This blog is just meant for some of us who dont realise the importance of family or just take it for granted .Friends let’s be a strong link in this bondage.

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  1. Truly one of the biggest truth in life. Parents are the most important part of human life from the beginning till the end.Well written…

  2. bhale says:

    Family first…. who knows this better than us, the Indians.. saw a movie yesterday, “little miss sunshine”, they were barely able to stand each others in the beginning, but things change as the movie ends..

  3. Moli says:

    family will always be first.

  4. tu na agli baar se karan johar aur ekta kapoor ke family dramas ke liye dialogues likhna astart kar de….On a more serious note i really stand by on many things that u said… i personally myself have never been able to say “i love you” to my parents… Strange!! hen it sud have been the most simplest of all things to do

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