One night at taramani

I feel that after coming to IIT one thing i have mastered is procrastination. However that saturday was no different . Though it was very late we decided that we are any how going to participate in this “short film making ” competition, and why not the whole brigade was awesome … moli and mamme … best cameraman and editors in the insti. Doodh can copy anyone given a chance , and NETA had reasons of his own . I had not acted since a long time but the story which we had decided upon was one of my favorite ….” o henry ‘s after 20 year’s “
Thank’s to mamme and moli the script was finally prepared by 1:00 a.m . So we had around 5 hours time to complete the film in time . We had decided to shoot on a place away from insti and on a rainy night taramani bus stand had all the glamour . The yellow light , deserted bus stop was all that we wanted .
Then what followed was an experience of a lifetime . All the camera angle’s possibility exploited , max utilization of space , repeating the same dialouges again and again , forgetting that you are facing a camera . Just shooting for two minutes of the movie took over 3 hour’s .The best part was the get up of doodh and mine , really according to character.
After the whole exercise i have started appreciating every movie i see , as it’s a very rigorous process to make a movie .

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  1. Moli says:

    a great experience

  2. Moli says:

    kudos to you and your acting

  3. nimit says:

    One Night @ Taramani made u the best actor in the insti … so nxt night in my room and u will be the best actor in Short Film Business 😛

  4. aniket says:

    go best actor!

  5. bhale says:

    truely said… my reasons will be apparent.. let time reveal the secret (which many already know).. and hope the secret has a happy ending.

  6. Abhinav says:

    bhalu happy ending only da

  7. doodh says:

    after undoubtedly becoming the best actor in the insti its time for a home production bachha bhai…and i wish i get a little less serious role in that…:-)

  8. kamu says:

    baccha truely all acted very well…esp u….which proves tht u have capability to beat even big B i think u shld come in film bizz n make one more high funda movie…

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