The boat of life

I was a kid then , fascinated by the sea . I had spent my child hood down the sea side . The holy sand was my palyground and waves my bets friend .I always wanted to go to the sea just as my father . I never missed an opportunity helping my father launch the boat though my help was insignificant to my father .My favourite pastime was looking into the sea for my father to return .The first sight of the mast enthralled me so much .
And then one fine day i stole into the boat .It was the greatest moment of life for me .Even my father did not scold me , perhaps he found me prepared for the ocassion. But it was just a beginning .It was an insight into the harsh realities of life .I came face to face with the obstacles and then started the learning process which has never ended since then .
There was so much to learn .Putting up the sails correctly , steering the boat , anticipating the climate , looking out for the catch and the most important was the track of time .Every day a battle was waged against the mountain tides , the ghastly winds and the sands of time .I learnt how life was no bed of roses .Everything came at a cost .It took a lot of physical work , mental ability , art and patience to remain afloat .
Sea has been a teacher since my childhood .I have learnt so many facts of life from the sea. There had been situations when my boat had almost capsized .My last resort was only to try hard and i put up the maximum i had , somehow i managed to survive the deadly whirlpool .Since then i have never given up on things .It’s great spectacle to be surrounded by sea on all the sides .Sometimes it gives me the feeling of eternity , another time it revealed the unboundedness of human mind and imagination .Sometimes when i was all alone in the sea it made me realise the truth of our solitary existence .
Even the nature of ses was different on different days much alike the human nature .Calm sea was the perfect day for a smooth sail and a good catch .The calm sea parsonifies calm attitude .It’s so easy to deal with calm people and the result,s are also good . Similarily the rough and turbulent sea represents other aspects of human nature .
The color of sea was also an inspiration for me .Even the color of sea changed with depth. As one moves more deep into the sea the color becomes more brighter . This depth symbolizes human knowledge and perception which clears the dark mist leading to enlightened souls.
I can never forget the happiness of seeing the land .The land was always a feeling of hope, security and victory to me .Each time i returned to land , it felt like a king coming back home after a long and tiring war.
Today sitting by the seaside i feel that all our lives is a boat plunged into deep seas of time .All through our life , this battle is against time to remain afloat in the ghostly seas. This battle makes us what we are .
It reminds me of a childhood poem
” row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily , merrily
life is but a dream .”

Published by ekraastahaijindagi

Arsenalist,reader,runner,oldmonker,footballer,photographer,trekker,traveler,socialworker,writer,biker,IITian,MBA,Travel blogger, book reviewer. For the last 11 years I have been traveling with the notion , one idea to be with the nature and explore places. In between all this i also carry a full time job in the Social sector. This has been the greatest experiment of my life, to quit all and travel and to give back to the society

4 thoughts on “The boat of life

  1. deep one manRead a Poem very similar to your post. Don’t remember the name but felt like its summary.Great one yaar.

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