Its life

Well spare me guys of all the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes because i am a bit sober and so is my beloved friend mamme.

Actually this is life or may be for me this is life .There have been people whom i have met all through my life and somehow they have had a lasting experience on my life .

So first of all there was a girl named Neha ( Polu ), I spent my childhood with her and also remember saying her those 3 magical words but that was childhood. Then in my school life another girl Afrina . I confess i loved her maybe because she was so close to me , may be we laughed together,cried together and may be i owe all my biology drawings to her . Then was the class of DPS where 25 out of 54 qualified in iit including a 88 th rank from class. May be my being an iitian is all because of the confidence being in that class . And then I met Fikar Not in IIT . This will be something i will carry all through my life , friends i can’t forget you .

5 Comments Add yours

  1. bhale says:

    Lots of May be’s…….. but one thing is sure…. Fikarnot is for Life!

  2. Fikar not is the best thing so far happened in our life… go bachhi; good to see you spill a part of your “magical life” here..

  3. Moli says:

    We won’t let you forget us. Love you too

  4. doodh says:

    You speak your heart the best.No fikar for I have FikarNot for life

  5. karan says:

    Tumhare liye to jaan hazir hai… bas ek suggestion hai “Saale pina thoda kam kar”

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