Being positive

I was standing in queue at the SBI bank today . Nothing to do much when you are standing in a long line.There was a give up boy standing with a decent girl as is the case I have noticed umpteen times. So the regular cursing and the same give up feeling.

But suddenly I saw a deaf and dumb chai wala serving tea to the officials. He was famous there as some of the staff were talking to him through signs . The best part of this guy was his large smile .Even you can say a lots about people seeing their smile .So was his a whole hearted smile . He was happy I confess and much happier than many of us. This is all about happiness its within and in the hearts . You need to positive and happy about things .His smile made me understand the character Prabhakar in Shantaram. He really made my day.

So the moral is try harder , be positive and you will also have a girl friend.

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  1. bhale says:

    This is a rule my friend, every guy with a good girl has to a c**t, until your turn comes…. as for the chaiwala, I get the similar feeling on seeing the cyclewala near Jam hostel, he is so enthu about life yaar

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you look around you will see atleast 1 girl who liked you(may be in past) and you didn’t liked her, which made her go away…. agar tune us ladki ko bhaw nahi dikhaye hote to teri bhi aaj GF hoti… I have turned down 3 girls for which I feel sorry now… just keep in mind that If you like someone, there is someone who likes you

  3. karan says:

    saale teri blogger friend list main kyo nahi hoon???

  4. Thanks anonymous i wished u left ur name

  5. Moli says:

    trying to be positive

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