Have You?

A friend of mine was paining me “You should do somethings for the first time in your life.”Here are somethings which happened to me but incidentally are uncommon.


Sat in a packed general compartment of train for 3 days not even moving once from your seat.

Played football during the breaks of FIITJEE AITS(All India Test Series)

Cycled 150 km in a day.

Had food in restaurant and had no money to pay.

Have been whacked regularly in your 10 th standard.

Have been close to being expelled in school thrice.

Did not even opened your notebook before a quiz.

Bunked school and played cricket in the neighborhood for the whole day.

Traveled on top of a bus.

Failed in your 12 th mock exams in Physics and Chemistry and still cleared JEE.

Voted when you were 6.

Chased by traffic police insanely.

Fallen in love with the same girl thrice.

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  1. Moli says:

    None of them.

  2. ashish says:

    travelled on top of a bus..yes…fallen for the same gurl..more thn thrice :)…yesand the insanity in doin tht is inexpressible 🙂

  3. Awesome experiences i must say.. I had some of them…train, voted when in class 6th :), traveled on top of bus and train, quiz without opening notebook(yeah!!)….but we all have our own unique set of experiences; will like to write about them someday..

  4. anuj says:

    yeah,I did .. bunked school and played cricket for whole day and that day weather was quite similar as today’s :D.

  5. aniketanand says:

    :)Will write a similar post on my blog soon.Waise, I regret asking the question. 😉

  6. Dude, dont tell me you did those. I’ll get psyched.

  7. Dude, dont tell me you did all of that. I’ll get psyched.

  8. Abhinav says:

    @ Deathmetal meet me once i will give you the details of each of these

  9. This post has been removed by the author.

  10. travelled in a general compartment….standing nd that too beside( in) the toilet…continuously for 20 hrs(1 day) along with abhishek bhai!!!!…played counterstrike continuosly…with my clan …starting from friday evening till sunday morning!!!!walked on foot from fiitjee test centre in davjvm…to my home..in booty more..had my wallet…but no money…even to call someone!!!whacking regular at home…..even now…(remember…our mom’s hav same nature!!!)bunked school classes in class3..during the break…by scaling the boundary wall….to watch ” shanti ” the serial…on DD1Ate 20 rotis of ” mess” over a bet…travelled on footboard…of a bus…with only 1 foot of mine on it…for 2 hr…to catch a movie @ adlabs in manglore…(in between took some rest when the bus stopped to drop nd take in passengers..)wrote end sem paper…to save ” him” from year back…( i cud hav been rusticated …if caught!!!)shoplifted a “watch” worth INR 1500 in big bazaar…(remember they hav security systems to prevent lifting…at exit)studied whole night….nd then dozed off at 8:30…when xam starts from 9:00…..660ml of kf strong in 30 secs flat..after a dinner party….a girl.. here…from ranchi…in search of…..(thats confidential!!!!):)

  11. Abhinav says:

    @ ravi [rendezvous] that’s like my brother .. by the way that girl thing , you never told me , will catch you in ranchi for some details.

  12. Leela says:

    Does Roadrash count for the second last one?

  13. lol!!!thats a good one…the only fun thing i did recently was to walk outta mocha without paying for our coffee…was late in the night and no one noticed…

  14. I have a couple of them…but none of them..and the one I admire most is falling in love with same girl thrice??simply awesome man….

  15. bhale says:

    dude… tere pe movie ban sakti hai yaar

  16. Priya says:

    You did all this?!! *Shocked*Yet.. cool!! :)..p..

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