Fikar Not

Hi friends today we celebrate the First Anniversary of our beloved “Fikar Not .” We were at this place last year today and there were some very sweet memories. To quote one of the incidents where mamme almost got drowned in the river flowing alongside. The best part in the incident was Neta’s laugh and one of the most pic of his that we clicked there. He behaved truley to the tradition of “Fikar Not ” by not worrying [:)]. Incidentally my profile pic of the blog was also clicked there. The best part was that we carried on the name and linked through it , so at the advent of a new year let’s pledge to keep the name high and “May Our Firendship see many happy moments for time to come”

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  1. aniket says:

    Center of Attraction!

  2. made us feel as if the end’s near..we still got 4 full months to go bacchi, jashn karo!!

  3. @anty- we have whole life dost.We will keep “not worrying” till the sun remains to be seen on the horizon

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