The i-pod and my Mom

Mummy has always been a friend to me , especially because she was the non- working member of the family. To be very frank I have never watched a movie with my friends in my school life , all the movies that I saw was with my mom ( Except the ones I bunked school and saw, that does not come on record.) She was the one who conveyed all my demands and wants to father. Once I got an approval from her that father agrees to my idea then I would peacefully talk to Dad but if the situation was grim then “mummy please.”

I always had this love for music and wanted to buy a music system during my school days but could not get it. The result was that I prepared for JEE listening to the VividBharti on my radio as there was no FM in my city then.

But after clearing JEE I made my mom promise an i-pod , but it was replaced by the Nokia 1100 . Then all through 4 years some expense or the other made it impossible. But after getting placed I convinced mother and she sent me 3000 bucks for the Apple Shuffle.

Yeah I am happy!

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  1. Moli says:


  2. aniket says:

    Donate it to hostel before you go.:P

  3. Abhinav says:

    @ aniket: Huggu sale @ moli :Thanks for the monetary help.

  4. Most awaited happenings are blissful. hope u r in bliss.Wing is thankful to the Aunt.

  5. bhale says:

    she sent 3000, and ipod was worth 2400, you are left with 600, TREAT!

  6. i-pod is worth 3000 only. 2.4K for the pod and .6K for us to let u use it( treat 😉 )

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