Book Review : Love story

Name : Love Story
Author: Erich Segal

An entertaining book and a fast read unlike the other two books ( Acts of Faith and Doctors ) by the author. All you need is some three hours to read the book . It is like any other love story full experiences which are a feast to read. Funny , touching and infused with wonder . The story shows the innocence of two lovers. Best quote being ,”in love you don’t need to say sorry.”

Note : Every lover has a love story and I am still waiting for mine 😦

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moli says:

    am next in the borrowing queue…haven’t you already been in love !!…

  2. having been a lover of many things in our past, one search of loving still persists in us today. lets wait patiently. till then make your fundas clear!

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