The King Of Good Times

If you are in your final semster , the craving for the hydroxy group on any arbit day is natural. So I had one of these cravings and was pleased to find others who also thought the same . As usual I had to do the honors of getting the poison that too in a single bag. ( Exploited every inch of the Nett App bag).

So here was it a perfect set up for a rocking night.As the thirst started getting quenched, memories started engulfing the hot night. Though the last four years were short in time but we made it big in a lifetime. The ritual of watching the wing videos one after the other started . There is one which I have named as “Moli Stud Dance” but I felt yesterday that its name should be changed to, “Mamme Stud Dance”.Followed by all the good times we had,be it , the placement season, Delhi Nights, Gurgaon roof , Arunachal Trip and what not. A realization that such gem moments were impossible without such great friends around.

Nights like these will be very few and i am happy we made it a night today.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Moli says:

    it definitely should be ‘Mamme’s stud dance’ … his part is hilarious

  2. Let’s make the most of the time that is left.. and the only time that’s worth is the time spent sharing love..

  3. bhale says:

    next weekend again

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