Hyd Trip Day 1

The journey from Chennai to Hyd was not very eventful. You get to see so many varied people on The Indian Rails. 3 ladies are traveling and the accomplice has already wished them bye and luck five times and I really want the train to start now because all of are leaning on my side of the window . There is a business man who is pissed off over some check and two others are already in deep sleep. The person sitting in front of me in the side berth looks like a dumb version of a Gult hero. So I am left to Ruskin Bond and I-Pod.

I ordered Tea and suddenly my mind went back to the college. It’s almost a month left with friends and at that time I would be playing footer in the quadrangle. Evening tea at Ganga is a ritual I am following just to be with friends, most of the time Doodh , Dedh and S9.I have already started missing them.

I had to wait for sometime at the Secundrabad station because Father’s train was to come in another two hours. It was not very hot outside and so I went out for a walk as it gives you the feel of the city . The tea I ordered was too sweet and a cuple of more teas over the next two days proved that people here take a lot of sugar in their tea. Region near to the station looks like an old city just rising up to the morning . Streets are conjusted and everything is blackish brown with no tall buildings around. Finally met Dad and wished mom could be here too. “Siddharta hotel ” is in the Abids road and the service was really fine . With a Bar attached things looked great.

It was getting hot outside so the best thing to do was sit in the A.C. room. The whole day I spent talking to father with regular helpings of tea, pakodas and biryanis in the room.

In the evening went to Lumbini Garden and witnessed the wonderful laser show . The garden is built on the sides of The Hussain Sagar lake . I had expected lots of flowers but it was more of grass . There were a lots of boating facility around the garden and we made the full use of it , first going in the fast motor boat follwed by The Twin Deck Cruise ” Khair-Un- Nissa “





Hyderabad is also called “The Pearl City ” , as the pearl market was very close to our place we went to some shops to see their stuff , though it was too costly to buy.
The Day ended in the pub with some very light drinks and food.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Moli says:

    want to travel the world with you

  2. Abhinav says:

    @Moli : Me too

  3. anuj says:

    Please don’t forget me 😦 …, Btw @Baccha: bloggin on travel is a nice concept, so may be similar articles or something specially for first time travelers might be good.

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