Parting from relatives , friends and especially mom has always been emotional for me. Whenever I come back from home you must see her eyes , any moment and they will give in.

I deliberately avoided meeting Moli and Mamme while they were going for summer holidays. I know I can’t stand it. But there was another assurance in the fact that they will be here for another year.But today I had to be there when bhale and bhondu were leaving.Lots of teasing and laughing to relive the tension. But once they sat on the car my eyes gave in. It hurts so much especially if one by one everyone leaves.

They were really one of the best friends in my life. So many times I made bhale drink to his high and then enjoyed his half closed eyes and laughs. Shouting at him to stop singing was a part of daily routine which I enjoyed the most . May be he cares a lot about the Bhopal lake and teasing him on that was also some fun.Some of his pics will always make me laugh. Will him miss him for the fags we had together.

The summer we spent together in Delhi was something which brought us so close .Slow eating , slow running was a trade mark of him.May be the only one in the wing whom I may say a dude . The underweight dude with a paunch makes me laugh. Forgot to mention that also a slow reader , remember Helen Of Troy which he completed in 3 months and was never able to complete The Book Thief. He plans to read Harry Potter in summer .

You can’t imagine how painful it is to see your rooms closed and the paper on Bhondu’s room still reads, “Wake me up at 8.”

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  1. Moli says:

    ‘eyes give in so fast these days’that’s what mamme messaged while I was leaving….It’s so emotional .. parting from friends … will really miss teasing bhale and bhondu .. you are always there

  2. Abhinav says:

    Dude yesterday was something yaar

  3. aniket says:

    To be more correct, “Eyes well up so easily these days”.

  4. bhale says:

    saala, you all will miss teasing us!@Bacha: Somehow, you were the last one I had expected to shed tears (you lock up your emotions too well), but once it happened, it seemed so obvious… well, we will keep meeting yaaron

  5. Bharat says:

    Tease me and bhale ur hearts-full, in INDORE…The paunch keeps getting bigger 😛

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