The saint and the train journey

“ I can’t see you going bacchi I am leaving yaar.”

“Ok yaar”

I understood the feeling because I also do the same when parting with a loved one. Well this time it was the other way round when Ranvah was speaking these words to me. This is something a realization to me of how much we love each other. 4 years spent doing all the bad and good things together. True partners of crime I admit. Then one day everything comes to an end in a moment, a good bye, tears , laughs and you start living once again knowing the fact that things would never be the same.

The train journey from Chennai was pleasant because nothing can be hotter than Chennai. It was cloudy when the train was running through Andhra. It started raining in Orissa and in spite of the inconvenience of the fellow passengers I did not close the window and let the water drops fall.

On reaching Kharagpur had a dinner at one of the Dhabas at IIT with one of my close friend. Another hours journey was to be done to reach Tatanagar and that too in general compartment. Somehow got into the compartment and then began one of the most exciting journey’s of life. I sat on the foothold along with a saint (probably going to Mathura). Then started a long lecture on life , God, love , sex and me being the listener. From somewhere popped up a beedi which he was able to light up in such a strong breeze. Wait !!! dude this is not beedi this smells of something else. On asking him what was that , I got the expected answer. So I shared the light with the saadhu in a jam packed compartment amidst some discourse on life , clean fresh morning air and the external greenery and also the internal one.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Moli says:

    Greenery everywhere … ha ha

  2. Abhinav says:

    @Moli : yaar it is unavoidable yaar , but never thought will have it on the train with a saadhu.

  3. aniket says:

    Dude!!!Way to go!

  4. sabko apne kaam ke bande mil jate hain tujhe bhi mil gaya. 🙂 waise discuss kya hua ye likha hi nahi.

  5. Pratik Gupta says:

    the bestest possible way to have some grass

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