First of all I am not high, and I confess I have developed an utter disregard for beer, it always leaves me more sober.

It has not been a month yet since convocation ans still my luggage is lying in the insti, good that something is still there apart from the name on the hostel room list.

Life has changed, and I am left with no one to pain. Truly you can pain the people you love the most.

Currently I am doing coding which I had never thought of in life. The air outside sinks and it is a relief to be with you all.

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  1. The thing i hate the most is something I just did.. I had to go for breakfast alone.. It truly sucks.. and I haven't had a single beer from the day of convocation till today.. feels like no point doing it..@Bachha – I envy you for being so close to the place we truly worship..

  2. Priya says:

    and life goes on.. despite how much we'd like to rewind and relive.. ..p..

  3. Bharat says:

    It does feel sh*t, having to start all over when you already know that the best had been already witnessed!

  4. Abhinav says:

    @Hula :Better envy me @Priya : Very true@BharatFor me it is a little better, I prefer taking naps in Doodh's and Moli's room weekly and currently our wing has become tasheri, thanks to our BTP times.So weekend football, card games and the usual teasing is still on but at the end you are right the best days are over.

  5. Moli says:

    I like it when u are here to pain us … keep coming

  6. ThinkPad says:

    hey..just came across this post..well I could relate to this..except the beer part!!!:)But yes life moves on..and we are forced to follow..

  7. aniket says:

    No other option but to move on… We all have to. Sigh!

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