Fading Away

I saw him there working day and night;
focused, strained,determined and resolute
building, molding and joining the pieces
He stops from time to time ,not to rest
but to get a glance of it, and again starts working,
 someday he just dreams , sometimes he works furiously and
at times he throws everything and cries

He remains there for a few days crying,
Oblivious of the surroundings.
He staggers sometimes for hours, often for days
But he is not a quitter , he will never run away
He brings things together , he is the builder
I have always believed in him, truly, more than myself
and he has always responded by picking up the weapon.

But things are changing now, I seem him crying often
He always looks down, lost in his emotions
It has been months now and I want to speak to him
I want him to work on his masterpiece.
All of a sudden he picks up the hammer,
ah!! a sigh of relief which soon  turns to a cry
He has destroyed it , every piece , every inch, even his name
He has turned wild , he is laughing insanely
running away, fast very fast and soon he disappears……….


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Abhinav says:

    @ anand : haan yaar

  2. riju says:

    too good…

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