2 days at Banglore

Was just informed that the bus which was about to depart at 10:00 will no go at 11:30. So just writing down the experiences of the two days because these 2 days have been special in all respects.
  Traveling in the general compartment of a train has always been fun. The dirt , stench , people, food everything reminds me of a past, a past which stands up and says , ” No matter what happens in life don’t forget me.” A place where you can see the crowd which has not slept properly in the night , a place where people coming far from North India to find a living in Bangalore, a realty which we sometimes forget while watching those movies where every fuc….. thing is beautiful.
Came here to meet a friend with whom i had prepared for JEE. Though circumstances were such that we could meet for only 10 minutes but none the less , those minutes and a cup of tea together was enough to suffice for the purpose of the trip. Met few other friends who are not from my college. The time spent with them was wonderful . Sharing of experiences of a solitary life that we have been living , the difficulties they are facing in their life and amongst all these few light moments to share among us will always make me happy. Walking casually along with a friend , i cam across a Ganesha temple , just prayed and thanked god,”Thank you for giving me one special evening in my life.”
There are a bunch of guys from my college who are special and with whom I don’t think before speaking. There are also a few outside, met them had a great time .We used to write essays on friendship when we were kids , if given a chance I would write one better today.
Bangalore: It is a great city to live in . There are many reasons for this , especially food which is cheap , transportation which is readily available , weather too pleasant and the especially the city itself which accepts you. 

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Aniket says:

    Awesome post! Made my develop a multitude of emotions. Well written. Want to say too many things, but not able to…

  2. bhale says:

    Loved the part of not thinking before speaking… it is indeed special to have such people. U are definitely one of those for me!

  3. Abhinav says:

    @ anand : thanks @ bhale : u too yaar

  4. Bachcha : Unfair man.. Dint even call me that u r in bangalore… Forget everything :(.. I was there in bangalore on 4th..

  5. true…sometimes a pleasant evening gives one a high…bangalore is amazing..and i love the tone of this post 🙂

  6. Abhinav says:

    @ edita : Thanks for dropping in and ya this Banglore trip was great

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