End of an Era

5 years of wonderful time spent in Chennai ends today , though a shocking news(heavenly abode of a college friend) has diminished all the pleasure of wriitng this post however at the same point it is one of those lessons of life which life over the last 5 years has kept on preaching. 
The first time I went to the Besant Nagar beach I just jumped into the sea and for many of the next time it was the same. Slowly the relationship with the beach changed and it became more of a place to find peace, to spend good time with friends.Finally in the last year it became the place of solitude for me. Office being close to the beach and working late hours always resulted in me being at the beach when almost no one was there. Though there are a lots of things to write about Chennai but i chose this for a reason. The beach has seen my transition from a school kid to a gradutae,  adolescence to maturity, ignorant to reflective , no convictions to some strong ones and many more. 
Twenties is the age of transition and it happens in different ways to different people but i feel that for me there was a multitude of them and it was probably the crowd , the college, FRIENDS and the place which changed all for the good.
A small list of those plenty of places which i loved in Chennai
IITM(Especially the run around the insti , good that i was regular this month) ,Besant Nagar, ECR ( so many bike and car rides), Star Rock ( The music ) , SNS (king of all good times) , Water tank top in my PG , Local train rides in the evening with ipod and no one around , Theatres , Job ( met some great people there), OMR flat ( nostalgic) , Chennai Trekking club and so on ….
” All my bags are packed , i am ready to go … I hate to say you good bye.”

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  1. Anumita says:

    would love to hear more about the magical Elliot Beach…We can never say goodbye to Besant Nagar…

  2. Aniket says:

    Good luck. And nice list. Will make one for myself.

  3. Saranya says:

    There are only few people who can describe beauty in a beautiful way… One among them is "U". I dono whether you will miss Besant Nagar Beach, but fr sure, the beach will miss u a lot!!Please don't say Good Bye, as it feels you are leaving us… Say,"See U", you will feel good and we will also be happy that you will be back one day to meet us.I am very happy, that I got you as my friend. Full of energy, positive thoughts and always cool attitude.Stay in touch, take care 🙂

  4. Moli says:

    can totally feel what you wrote. I miss the beach most, after friends of course

  5. Abhinav says:

    @Anumita : Thanks for dropping by and your list of favorites is still pending. @Aniket : Felt like graduation @Saranya : It can never be a bye bye to Chennai @ Moli : Dost you can understand. 🙂

  6. arthy says:

    Hey man! whether besant nagar would miss you or not, we miss u a lot over here. You filled our lives with josh and positive vibes. All the best! Abhinav Rocks:)

  7. Abhinav says:

    @ Arhty : Oho , too much of praise 🙂

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