L to M

6 months back when i looked at the mirror , I hated myself for being lazy.Most of our actions is to prove our self to someone.But I knew for one time this fight was against me.A mind battle which I won .Football was a great help in the 11.5 kg weight shedding.Only it is coming at the cost of buying new clothes and this time I am not hating the mirror in the trial room.

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  1. amrit says:

    Congrats. Awesome.

  2. Moli says:

    dost 11.5?? baap re … nice work .. keep going … someday the weighing machine will declare you slim

  3. saranya says:

    Really good yaar… Super cool..take few more pics and upload 🙂

  4. Sugar says:

    thats cool 🙂 congratsand I love the title of this post…

  5. Ajinkya says:

    Be the inspiration for me mama. khatarnak figures ! Be the inspiration for me 🙂

  6. bhale says:

    Share a full length photo of yours man, waiting to meet you… congrats

  7. Aah, I know the feeling. Keep going.GOd bless.

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