“Would take u 5 years down the memory lane when on our first hostel night ,Tattu met with an accident and I spent the night with him in the hospital.”

To me friendship has been about moments.Certain experiences and moments in which I have learnt a lot about friendship.I have taken up and given up things on the basis of my experiences.But my experiments with friendship have been flawless.I have found it to be a very innocent and unselfish relationship.Accepting someone as it is without imposing one’s ideals is a great virtue.I feel that every other things tries to deter us away from the right(e.g. religion has a set of ideals which fall as correct) whereas friendship moves you closer to the truth.When others would have ridiculed it is friends which make your impossible goals to a possible one.Very few things makes you as strong as having a good friend.   Everyone needs an emotional confidence which friendship instills in our subconscious.

P.S. Taken from a discussion thread on FIKARNOT where I was asked to define my idea of friendship.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vinnie says:

    hmmm…true!title is an unforgettable one…very touchy:)

  2. saranya says:

    "Innocent and Unselfish Relationship"…. excellent definition for friendship :):)

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