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So how was your 4 years of college? Well,I had a cycle without breaks and it circled the institute successfully for 4 years.As a matter of fact I thoughtfully gifted it to a security guard and it is still doing its rounds in the holy place.Actually I got the brakes repaired umpteen number of times but the cycle wanted to break free so it remained brake free  most of the time.This will probably be the last week as a student here and plausibly the last late night at in the lab.On my way to the hostel I ask myself the question raised at the beginning of this paragraph and the answer is this cycle,we both survived and freewheeled the place.

Financially, these days are a nightmare owing to the outrageous rules of the hostel administration.I light the remaining half of the Godam Garam and thank the Germans for inventing a smoke which lasted so long.In fact I did time myself once and it lasts almost 1.7 times longer than a normal classic milds.Not only do I feel less guilty lighting 2 of these rather than 4 of those but also it has helped a lot in my budget.I feel hungry and curse myself for not stuffing some more rice at Andhra Mess.I have mastered the art of putting a lock on my door while I am inside the room.This is very important for me because if the newspaper guy finds me I will be more than a broke.I will have to sleep now because even a fifteen minutes delay in reaching Nandini means fair chances of the cheapest item getting over.Sometimes I laugh at all this but still continue living the way things are just for some fun , some experience with a pinch of salt. 

There are two kinds of people on this globe , one who listen to the same song over and over again and the others who  can sing at the top of their lungs to any goddamn song. I have missed these two types the most for  past few days.Probably I have missed the noise , the laughs and fun.Even the monkeys have deserted the place for lack of life in the wing.Ranvah and Hula have made these last days worth living and Topa has provided the occasional kicks one needs to keep living.Everyday I sleep in the hope that someone would knock and wake me up for the breakfast, at least it ensures a peaceful sleep.

“The clock is ticking” is scribbled on a wall in my room I read it once again as I switch off the lights.

Note: Had written this post during the last days of college but never got the time to edit and print.

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  1. Sugar says:

    wah!!college!it seems so long ago 🙂 even frugality sounds so romantic bach then..good post 🙂

  2. Abhinav says:

    @Sugar :Thanks.I am planning to take up 2 more years of college and I know it would be difficult to re live those 4 years.

  3. Moli says:

    I remember your blue photon cycle .. always feared borrowing it.Reminds me of how you used to live .. have been an eye witness .. each word in the post is so true. Miss living with you

  4. Abhinav says:

    @Moli : The people in the wing can appreciate the post more.Even i miss those days.

  5. Prahlad says:

    I can't even remember where did I leave my cycle or when did I lose it. But indeed your post did took me to our 4th year. And Believe me Bachcha bhai 2 more years will only add extra memories it won't be difficult at all. 5 more years could be difficult though 😛

  6. Abhinav says:

    @Prahlad : Babes aapne comment maara maja aa gaya.

  7. Chola says:

    I like the idea of the post .. looping in past, present and future ! Anyway was feeling nostalgic on Diwali eve's and good to revive the old memories.

  8. Abhinav says:

    @Chola : Can understand the nostalgia,you will be missed in the Metallica show.

  9. Divenita says:

    love College writes! and this one was as good and refreshing!Write more!

  10. m.flowerr says:


  11. Abhinav says:

    @Divenita: Thanks , soon more college write ups next year.

  12. awesum………….. sutta se yaad aaya….chala jaaye meera !;)

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Wahi meera and novelty

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