A Dream come true and last few days of 2011

Life is all about living the moment in the best way possible.Last Sunday was a random day when few friends turned up at 7 a.m.Woke up,put on my shoes and rode for 16 hours.Sometimes all the dust, perspiration,smoke,cold is necessary to get out of our mundane lives.Some hazy memories of a day,was it me ,was it them,was it the day I don’t know but I feel happy much like most of the days of this year.
Early Morning on a mountain top

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learnt at school—Einstien

I had always wanted to contribute to the society but as often is the case,something or the other turned up.So one morning I just woke up and walked in to a NGO.The two rounds of interview was inspiring because for the first time I did not think of the pros and cons of my answer and just spoke what I wanted to do.When at the end of the day I got selected I thanked God for bestowing the opportunity to work at KGVK

I have started with the Education department but plan to contribute in all the departments possible.Luckily there was a one week orientation going on for the teachers who teach in villages.I was asked to work on their communication and vocabulary.In my five days of presentations and demonstrations I was happy that at the end the whole 40 teacher class was motivated.I firmly believe that teachers are the ones who can change the sad picture of our education in villages.A common complaint was that there was building and resources but lack of quality education.Going through some papers I came to know about the absent ism of  teachers.I thought that bechmarking and quality would come automatically if they realized the purpose.The mere satisfaction of changing lives is enough flare for a revolution.Though these are early days for me I plan to stay here till May and you will definitely here more from me.
In 2011 I carried happiness in my bag:Football studs,Into the Wild(Book),Pink Floyd(i-pod), but the happiest times were evening football,tea with friends and bike rides with college mates.

But the conclusion of all this was that happiness is a matter of choice and I chose to be happy.

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  1. i once painted a T-shirt that said “happiness depends upon ourselves” 🙂 And thanks..now i’m gonna go work with KGVK!!

    1. 1endofanera says:

      To paraphrase Epicurus, “If you wish to make a man truly happy, don’t
      give him more money; rather, just try to reduce his desires”

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