Arsenal 2011-2012 – a mid season review

“It’s easy to kick a dog when it’s down.  And it’s even easier when everyone else joins you in doing so.Arsenal will be back after the dust settles.”

The current season of Arsenal is the epitome of the attitude that champions are made of.Frankly, it is not easy to be Arsenal fan especially due to the long title drought.But for me and millions  it is about the game,faith, the skills,the style and the spirit the team has shown over the years.There is a particular beauty in the game of Arsenal which makes it unique among the English counterparts.Emirates is and will be the Mecca of millions around the world.11-12 season for me has made me a more devoted follower of Arsenal.It has not only sealed the belief in the team but also ignited the confidence that the elusive title win is not far.

Arsenal have always been a formidable side but the departures of Fabregas,Clichy and Nasri came at a time when the team was struggling for form.Added to this there were injury woes with Vermalin and Wilshere out for a long time.The 8-2 scoreline at Old Trafford spoke volumes of the plight we were in.But the worst was still to come.5 games into the season we were one place above the relegation.Questions were being asked on Champions league qualification and fingers were pointed out at the man who has had the reputation of making men out of boys. Above all the whole debacle tested the patience of the fans.

       5-3 win at Stamford Bridge

Ups and Downs are the part of this beautiful game but the rise of Arsenal from rock bottom was special and I would always look upon this season whenever my confidence in the team is frowned upon.Arteta,Mertesacker and Gerviniho were really intelligent signings by Wenger and they have proved phenomenal in our bounce back to the fourth position in the league.Incidentally we were the first English team to secure a position in the knock out stages of the Champions League.For me the win against Chelsea was the game changer and moral booster for us.Since then we have played quality football and the defensive unit has been solid.Koscienly is having a dream year and Mertesacker has adjusted to the vagaries of English Football.Benayoun’s goal against Aston Villa was the type of stuff we expect from him and I am looking forward to more Goals from him in 2012.Ashravin’s form has been bad and I sincerely hope to see him play better.

0.97 goal scoring ratio per match with 35 goals to his name Van the Man needs no introduction.Celebrating the 125 years of Arsenal Football club there were portraits of many of the greats including Thiery Henry and without doubt the next name is Persie.Leading from the front he scored many important goals including the goal against QPR to end the season on a high.History was made on 24th September when a cross from Walcott was netted in marking his 100 goals for the club.I loved the one he netted against Everton and hope to see more in the new year.

                                                       Van The Man

It will be great to see the number 14 playing for Arsenal again and there are rumors of Podolski heading London.

Last but not the least hail Arsenal!!

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  1. kanagu says:

    Arsenal has truly bounced back spectacularly in this season. They are one of the very few teams who play attractive football. RVP is great and he was almost a certain to score in every match.

    But I feel Wenger can be bit more liberal in his purchase policy as he can bring more quality players to the team and create an invincible out of them.

    All the best for Arsenal for the second season… The loss of Gervinho will be felt this month and hopefully Podolski comes to Arsenal to compensate it 🙂

    1. 1endofanera says:

      The transfer season will define the further progress.Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Anuj says:

    I believe this season has given Arsenal more strength than previous ones and the game they play is as beautiful as ever. But I feel Arsenal still lack quality defenders and finishers. Gervinho is bad and Arshanvin’s form is disappointing. Chamberlain looks promising, may be he can grow up to be a good finisher. But I like football because its about trial and error and so full of optimism. Hail Arsenal !!

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Exactly Chola bhai we have tried our best and lets keep the faith , things will turn around.I am thinking of doing few more Arsenal articles this season let’s see how it goes.

  3. manoj says:

    Arsenal need to step up a little b’coz for any team December and January are the deciding months for the title or anything. Till now I think they have done pretty good. But that is not enough to be in Top4/

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Agree manoj , hail Arsenal

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