What do you suggest ?

Hi guys some insights would be helpful

We did a survey of 35 village schools and found that the level of education is not up to the mark.We did this survey by conducting basic exams in English,Hindi and Mathematics.Each of the papers were of 25 marks each and the pass marks was decided to be 7.5.

At present I have the following data

  • Location(Some are urban and some are semi urban)
  • Gender
  • Marks in each subject from standard 1-5
  • Help required in each subjects.

The data will help me make a lot of comparisons and detailed study,I will be doing that in 3-4 days time.

Actually the level of students is so poor that we are a planning the same remedial package for students of all the classes.We will be placing our teacher at each of these schools who much like a tutor would be providing training on the subjects thrice a week for 2 hours.Some of the students have excelled in the exam and we will be giving them the training for free and for the rest we will charge a nominal fee of Rs. 15 per month.The main thing is that we don’t want to make this coaching monotonous as in class and want to suggest innovative methinds for training.We already have some insights.

What i wanted from you is suggest anything no matter how outrageous it may be.A 100 ideas from your side will eventually give something feasible.

I will be planning a tentative business model for the same as I have to plan and a budget.Our sponsor for this project is World Bank and they are very influenced by the idea and the effort.I feel that the greatest pleasures in life comes from selfless endeavor.So kindly suggest methods and ways to make the first hand education meaningful to the needy.


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7 thoughts on “What do you suggest ?

  1. hi abhinav, First I’m not sure that I understood your question correctly. Do mean to ask for ideas as to how to encourage more ppl in the rural areas to be educated? Or ideas as to how to make education more useful in the rural scenario?

  2. I would say –

    (1) You need to rethink and reassess. Assess what in the name of ‘education’ do these children really need. Different groups from different villages would have different needs. Some (or most) of which could be devoid of the specific subjects we study and can be fulfilled by the local people themselves. The marks from your test may indicate something but surely is not indicative of the holistic education that a child needs to survive, grow, understand the world.
    (2) You have used the word “training” in your post. If that is the aim then there are a 100 ways to build a business plan around it. But then you should not call it Education (a word which has been deranged of its meaning by current schooling pattern).

    … and a lot more, depending on how you respond to the above

  3. would love to help in whatever way.. but any insight after the formalization of plan would be like offering a recipe after the cake is made πŸ˜› (just pulling your leg)

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