The Number Game

I always thought that it is tough to digest failure but today I found it really hard to assimilate a success and finally some smirnoff did the trick in evening.Ideally I don’t discuss academic things here at this blog because to me academics is much more than mere numbers.

To talk about some numbers :




These are the percentile scores in CAT 2011 with the bottom most being mine.The other two are my friends with whom i had shared a common wall at college

I am more relieved than happy.I posted this here to remind me of the fact that hard work pays.I remember my JEE result day when we wrote mains for the last time.The internet guy had opened 10 tabs and every tab he opened said disqualified until mine.A time when I did not know to use net and had hardly worked on computers.How life changes in some years when the first job involved a lot of coding.Yesterday was a different story ,I had internet but there was no BSNL service so I had to wait for morning.Morning came, I went for the 10 km run and at every temple,”Bhagwaan”.Returned back and prepared for office went to a net cafe and saw my results and my friends too.As i mentioned could not believe it until……

Still reading War and Peace a character rightly say,”We must believe in the possibility of happiness.”

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  1. Lay Smrity says:

    Congrats on your achievement…your hard work has given you happiness.:-)

  2. nivedita says:

    Hey, Abhinav. Many congratulations to you. I hope your life should be filled with many many more such sweet fruits of hard work 🙂 Wishing you the best of everything in life.

  3. 1endofanera says:

    @Smrity and Nivedita : Thanks

  4. Jyoti says:

    Congrats! Way to go!

  5. kanagu says:

    Congrats bro 🙂 Thats a real good score 🙂

  6. Many many congratulations Abhinav 🙂 I agree, when we see so much mediocrity around us, it is very uplifting to see the success stories like you – hard work and sincerity do pay in the end…
    Which IIM would you be joining?

    Have a great life ahead…

  7. Chola says:

    Congrats Bachhi !! I remember the similar looking score card that you mailed last year. But thats what life is all about …. All the very Best .

  8. Naaaice 🙂 Wishing you all the very best for all that lies ahead…in my words: Good shit man 😀

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Thanks , it will be great to be at a college again

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