Realization of a greater purpose in life

Reading the newspaper on Republic day I was anguished to see 2 pages dedicated just to coaching institute advertisement of 2 big names in IIT Jee coaching.It made me ponder on the grooming we are being  given at home and school.We live in a country where 25% of people are below the poverty line, 26% are illiterate,we are a hungry country ranking 67th out of 80 on Global Hunger Index.The whole Rushdie fiasco raises one big question,”Do we understand our faith and if there is faith can mere line deter our believe in it.If yes, we are somewhere wrong in defining our premises of faith.”

We since our childhood have been taught to live in a comfort zone in a cocoon oblivious to our surroundings.Stuffed belly,sleek mobile,cushioned shoes and comfortable attire has become the benchmark of prosperity.How can you be happy when millions of your brothers sleep hungry? Does our education make us blind ? Is compassion a word meant only for moral lessons?We are an emotional lot who enjoy reality shows but seeing someone sleeping in the open on a cold night never triggers that emotion.

“I love my job” is the new corporate mantra behind which we hide our frustration.Working in the Social sector I can say that I love my job and I am satisfied as well.But there is an important difference,I do not do it for satisfaction,I realize it as a duty.Our Social responsibility is not in having 1000 odd on Shitbook but in understanding to give back to the society in whatever small way possible.

In my field trips to villages I meet a lot of people both adults and children.I find it hard to motivate adults to read.I am also perplexed by the state of affairs in government schools.But the best part is meeting amazing people.The society in villages is very conservative and a woman going from house to house to gather people to read raises eyebrows.Against all constraints there are women who take the pain.Equally contrasting is the attitude of government schools teachers who in spite of being decently paid are always in the lookout for other earning opportunities.The mid-day meal system has taken the focus away from education because most of the energy of the principal and teachers goes in delivering the meal.Government’s latest recommendation to have boundary walls around the schools is another example where the whole energy is put in satisfying the government norms rather than education.The latest report on Primary schools status has been published this month and the findings are quite distressing.

For a generation crazy about brands Ashunta Lakra would be hard name to recognize because this is a generation which cannot name their Vice-President but can definitely spell the name of a dog of a superstar.Ashunta is the Indian women hockey Captain who hails from a village of Jharkhand.She learnt her hockey in Ranchi and the state capital can boast of two Indian Captains.I would like you to read the story of Ashunta who started playing hockey with bent bamboo sticks.This is the reality of our times, especially of the disparity not only in sports but in many other fields.Our education will be meaningless if we turn a blind eye to things.

Preparing for the IIM interviews I got the answer to the question,”Where do you see yourself 10 years from now.?”

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Arsenalist,reader,runner,oldmonker,footballer,photographer,trekker,traveler,socialworker,writer,biker,IITian,MBA,Travel blogger, book reviewer. For the last 11 years I have been traveling with the notion , one idea to be with the nature and explore places. In between all this i also carry a full time job in the Social sector. This has been the greatest experiment of my life, to quit all and travel and to give back to the society

16 thoughts on “Realization of a greater purpose in life

  1. Good one, Abhinav…. It’s Inspiring, motivating and definitely makes me feel guilty… Hope I shd get an opportunity to help ppl in some way….

  2. Very true ! I mean in our society, people try to be anyone else rather than just being themselves. They chase others, their wealth, their fame etc. This is really surprising, esp from the land which in past was the most spiritual and knowledgeable. Good that you find answer .. , For myself I feel that my path is too getting clearer …

  3. Bachcha Bhai, Very few have the courage of the path you have started to walk. I wish I could also choose a similar path rather than just thinking about it. So happy to see that you know actually what you are doing and you like and love doing it. All the best for whats to come 🙂

  4. Best wishes for the interviews ahead 🙂

    Yes our country is like a repository of suffering, inequity and injustice. Education is the only answer. I heart your good work 🙂

  5. The photo says so much .. keep up the good work .. love your attitude towards the service you are giving … satisfaction is still selfishness, duty is the right word. Inspiring.

  6. its true. we no longer understand our faith. in fact, the faith was never a faith, it was one of the many habits forced down your throat as a part of growing up. if anyone of us were made to introspect and search for their own meaning of faith, religion, compassion, and morality, they’ll only be facing a big, empty abyss.

    And also, rarely anyone who go for IITs/NITs/MBBS-from-prestigious-institutes leaves with his conscience still alive. Have seen it enough here.

    And incisive and true observation about government teacher’s greedy tentacles, brain-numbing-‘Shit’book-mania, and others. Thanks for sharing the post

  7. While reading your post i just went back to my class room days..where we and my technocrat friends use to fight over range of social issues in the class..and i use to think its too hard to tell them the ground really apart form what is found in black and white…but now i can say at-least there are few who can see and understand what is happening…it is true we can-not change everything but at least through our affords we can make few faces smile… All the best..:-)

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