Books to the Ceiling

“The sharp edge of a razor is difficult to pass over: thus the wise say the path to salvation is hard”-Katha Upnishad.

What does a book mean to you? For me it has been those little steps to Nirvana. Nirvana can be defined as a state of complete bliss, delight and peace characterized by the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness. The art of living is not a month’s course but a lifelong process and nothing but books is the means. What makes you rich in the true sense is not the number of shirts in your wardrobe but the count of books on your shelf. If at some part of the world you come across this post you may probably skip it because it talks of books or may be that you are too busy to read a few lines. If you still go on to read it, pause, and think of one thing which is worrying you and the solution will be in a book.

In my experiences with books I have come across a lot of philosophies of living life but no single book is enough for life’s philosophy because it varies with every individual though the essence is the same. We really need to accept this point and appreciate others philosophy too. The sole purpose of religious books was to liberate people by making them compassionate and pragmatic and never was to produce religious fanatics. It is very important to cultivate human values and hold on to ones ideology without doubting and making mockery of the path of others. Reading books is a good passion to follow and like any other passion it helps in making the mind clutter free for that is one time when you are in peace with yourself. Pierre in War and Peace lays down 3 points on a path to follow and is worth mentioning here.

  1. To conquer anger by calmness and deliberation.
  2. To vanquish lust by self restraint and repulsion.
  3. Withdraw from worldliness, but not avoid a) Service of the State b)family duties c)relations with friends and, d)the management of one’s affairs.

We can never test the strength of our minds in conformity. Every day we surrender to hunger, lust, beauty, desire for material things, comfort never ever questioning our feeble minds. There are things which are necessary for survival and one must indulge in these things being aware of their purpose. Many of the books I have read speak of how people have realized the truth in adversity. One of the best ways to live is following self restraint because it makes us aware of things for granted. Just try to fast on fruits for a day or two and probably you will understand the purpose of food.

We live in times when many things are imposed upon us but we also have the right to accept or reject a thing. The best  practice could be experiencing a thing and then deciding whether one wants to have it in his life or not. One life is too short to live and one cannot experience all the things which makes one wise so it is very important to delve in to the lives of others and take positives from it and the best way is reading. Next time when you go to a mall buy few books instead of that shirt because desire is an infinite loop.

I have selected 5 books which I would like you to read:

  1. Into the Wild by Jon krakauer
  2. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
  3. Motor Cycle diaries by Che Guevara
  4. Tuesdays with morrie by Mitch Albom
  5. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein

Would like to end the post with few lines from Julius Ceaser where Ceaser speaks to Calpurnia,” Cowards die many times before their death. The valiant never taste death but once. Of all the wonders I have heard It seems to me most strange that men should fear, Seeing that death, a necessary end will come when it come.”

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Arsenalist,reader,runner,oldmonker,footballer,photographer,trekker,traveler,socialworker,writer,biker,IITian,MBA,Travel blogger, book reviewer. For the last 11 years I have been traveling with the notion , one idea to be with the nature and explore places. In between all this i also carry a full time job in the Social sector. This has been the greatest experiment of my life, to quit all and travel and to give back to the society

9 thoughts on “Books to the Ceiling

  1. Abhinav, been wanting to leave a comment on this post of yours for long now. Finally doing it 🙂

    Yes I agree with every word. I am a book lover too 🙂 I used to fantasise about the library in my dream home 🙂 Books have been a great companion to me through testing times in life 🙂 Even now, we don’t have a TV at home, merely because, I want to ensure that in case, I find leisure, I will resort to reading 🙂

    Most of my reading time is now mommy time – I enjoy reading to my son and he seems to be loving it too 🙂

    Your writing has improved a lot with time :)I remember reading your earlier posts. Your posts now are so much more refined. Better expression. Language is so important in life, whichever one it be. There is always the most appropriate word for a specific usage 🙂 The joy of reading and books is a different world altogether!

    Keep doing this. Sorry I got a bit carried away and left a long comment 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot , it is sometimes very important to be appreciated. I know i have improved, thanks to the almighty that i have improved on most of the adventures i have undertaken , with time it will get better for sure.

  2. +1 and I am back after a month break. Recently, I was reading some of Kabir ke Dohe. Its amazing how he put essence of life in few golden lines of his.

  3. padhke maza aa gaya 🙂
    you’ve described just my feeling about books. i would buy a book from the money given to me for clothes, any given day.

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