Contemporary Nomad

“Here as we sit in this beautiful and peaceful spot,in the shadow of the mighty Himalayas,with the forest around us putting on a new mantle of spring,with every current of wind bringing with it the sweet smell of flowers,and with the air throbbing with the joyful songs of great multitude of birds,we can forget for a spell,the strains and stresses of our world, and savour the world of the jungle folk.” —— Jim Corbett,Jungle Love.

How does it feel to return to a place after a long time to find nothing has changed? To find that one nut from the door  still missing,white paint on brown background with names scribbled,the same old makeshift pencil stands with a different user ,pencil writings on the wall speaking of internal struggles,the Tata motors logo still firmly stuck to the door and so on.But above all these is a feeling of being there,looking from one end of the corridor to the other,the clothes,the shoes,the dustbins and  of stretching  your arms and looking up at the stars, wondering of a life the place had to offer.When you have played so much football at a place you can easily picture the undulations in the field even  in your sleep but nothing could be more gratifying than stepping on the holy place itself. When I passed out of college I dictated terms to the juniors and it was amazing to find myself on the other side with a junior putting fundaes on shooting the ball.2 days is a small time to re live your life at college but i did it with football,Andhra mess,GRT,Gurnath,campus cafe,department all with some high spirits.I had left an unfinished business at college and probably it was destined to happen this way.I have a strong faith in destiny and this one thing was something I had always wanted to do and  so it was bound to happen,I ran the Road race track in 48 minutes and in the end promised myself to do the same whenever I return to college again.

410,Ganga Hostel

15 days,16 nights(9 on train).If you join Ranchi-Delhi-Kathgodam-Corbett-Nanital-VrindavanGurgaon-Banglore-Chennai-Ranchi it makes a huge circle on the map.Take a 40 hour train ride in a sleeper coach in summer just to meet a friend, I promise you will understand the meaning of friendship.Run a half marathon in the heat your definition of heat will change. Celebrate one b day at least with a set of new people(I celebrated it with sadhus at Vrindavan) and you will start valuing your life even more.Visit your Alma mater just for no reason and you will start finding  joy in small things.Just pack your bags and step into the next train and you will become a contemporary nomad.Sometimes hunger,heat,lack of sleep,friends,smoke and above all train journeys is what one needs to understand what living is all about.

On the rails

For an athlete there is a unique sole-soul connection which only he can understand. It is amazing that how a battered shoe sole can instil a confidence in a runner. It is somewhat like that lucky pen you used to write your exams with and no new pen could have taken its place.I love my shoes and have been in love with many other football shoes at college and so I decided to run one last half marathon in the old pair.Preparing for the Corbett Half Marathon was a real tough task not much due to the summer but more due to the weekend travels for B-school interviews.But then from here life is going to be tough and I know I will have to find time to run.Running is a liberating activity probably one of the many means to connect with the soul,it is something which one can take up as a life long activity and the best part is that one is least dependent on others for this fun .Running in a National Park is something one dreams of and a lucky few get the opportunity to actually run.When you start the run you are surrounded by tall trees but somehow mentally at the end you stand taller than the trees.With Elephant dung on the road,dead leaves scattered all around, birds chirping,small streams passing  and an endless road one could ask no more from life.Compared to the Mumbai Half marathon , this was a difficult track with a continuous elevated surfaces to run on throughout the race and added to the the climb was the temperature and fatigue of reaching this place.I really felt happy to complete this race for it was a total test of endurance.Every km you run to prepare for the marathon tests your mental ability and then you come and find yourself in a totally new and a difficult track you learn more about yourself , you understand that you have it in you.The Corbett Half marathon will always remain in my mind whenever I come across a difficult situation in life.

On the road again

     Family,friends,passion and a career is all that one must look out of life. It will often be a balancing act among these choices and it is of paramount importance to get the right mix.It is of paramount importance to pursue happiness and not procrastinate it.Your idea of happiness may differ from my idea but one must see it as a river which has different course and name but the same destination.Let money be no bar in your journey because happiness lies within and you have to find it. I have found the Wilderness very appealing and have looked at the passing mountains with a childhood charm.Pack your bags and go into the wild for it is where the life lies.Thoreau once said,“In wildness is the preservation of the world.”   

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  1. TheBlackTwig says:

    This is very inspiring. Surely made my day. Thanks!

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Thanks for dropping , your comments is the inspiration to write better.

  2. sugar says:

    yes. happiness is what completes life. And its just one life with a limited time. Better be make the happiest out of it!

    Running in Corbett? Sounds super.

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Pretty much sums up my point.

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