A semi cricle across South India

Life has been hectic and this is how it is at B-Schools in general. A rare 15 minutes to blog and so making mos of it.

An experience of sleeping in 17 different cities in 17 days is something worth narrating.”If you keep your destiny in mind ,every moment in life becomes an opportunity for moving closer to it”. I had a great time at home especially the football side of the story will stay in my heart for long. I had the option of either visiting Sikkim which would mark my footprints at at least one city in each of the states of India. But destiny had something else planned deep down my heart i wanted to spend 17 days before college like the last days of my life and so went out, I travelled and conquered all the important places of South India. Standing on a rock at Kanyakumari on a windy evening I just spread my arms and let the wind purify my soul. Few moments in life are precious , standing on one end of your country is a great feeling. Chennai-Kanchipuram-Vellore-Madurai-Puducherry- Rameshwaram-Kodaikanal-Kanyakumari-Kovalam-Allepy-Cunoor-Ooti-Mysore-Banglore probably forms a semi circle on the map but for me marked the beginning of a new life probably somehow life completed a circle.

There were many highlights of the trip. Watching the Venus transit on the rock beach at Puducherry was the epitome of the trip. I ran , few mornings with barely 4 hours of sleep and the run on the Kovalam beach was wonderful.Read a few books and bought some on the way. Met so many new people and delved into many cultures.But at the end of it though exhausted felt close to myself. If time permitted then i would have written a long and a better post but at this juncture i have to set my priorities.I am posting few wonderful pictures from the trip.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Moli says:

    The pictures do capture your emotions, wonderful … it may not be a work of art, but it is, definitely of Heart.
    All the best in your pursuit for MBA

  2. Mayflower says:

    Nice pictures

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