Time for school a B-school

“To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness”

Once again, lurking on the foot board of the Rajdhani Express I let the cool wind blow across my face, for in few hours my life is going to change and among many  things that may change I will really miss this wind with the freshness of rain. But this is how life is, at every juncture one has to leave behind things and move forward. What I leave behind today is a great set of friends and the evening football with them, my bike and a bagful of memories . I had once written about  the reason of pursuing a MBA and i am glad that to this day it is very much the same.

The biggest of dreams can be very simple, until you go to college, that is.You know what shooting stars do to you ? They make you realize that one thing that you really wish at a moment of time.B-Schools test your passion and commitment, for here you come one day and all of a sudden you find that there is no time.A month of stay here has brought me closer to the things I love to do, especially Football,writing and reading.I have taken pains to pursue all of them and can safely say that I live for them. It is not time, it is not the work, it is not you friend next door but you will realize that it is you.So for all of you who have embarked upon this journey find time for the things you love for that is the only thing which is worthwhile.

Seeing the concern of these 20 something class mates over a piece of paper which they call CV, I wonder how mechanical our lives have become.There is a life beyond assignments, case studies , presentations. God has bestowed us with another opportunity to relive our lives.Recall that last day of your college and also the first day. Was it the mad race that made those 4 years special? Did friendship happen to you over an interview or was it a natural process? Remember that first rain when you danced with your friends, remember all those B day parties, the nights you spent singing, intoxicated in friendship and all those talks over a cup of tea. Ya we are back , our life is back, we are back  to college and let it be a Dejavu.

Every thing said and done , let’s not forget that this is also an opportunity , redemption for some while for others, coming of age.I guess these 18 months will be a crucial step towards our careers and in no way can we neglect it but the biggest lesson of all will be in forming an opinion of self with which we agree to. Every thing has to be taken in the right spirit,even though subjects may just go tangent at times but that is what makes the subject all the more interesting , sometimes you may have no time to sleep but you will always have the pleasure of completing your job. We have to create a halo , a bliss , a joy in our professors jokes, hard laugh on classmates petty mistakes and above all our own endeavour to spread joy and make others laugh.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Lay Smrity says:

    hey hi..nice o know that you are back on your track…collage days are fun..and we really learn,share and know a lot…and all of these become our memories….all da best ….:-)

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Ya smrity kabhi kabhi time mil jata hai

  2. Good to see you in the blogging world again. Another lovely post, written straight from heart. Best wishes 🙂

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Thanks , actually a new setting some time to adjust. You will see more college stuff from now .

  3. sugar says:

    🙂 glad to know you are having a good time! sometimes with the speed of life, it is easy to forget what it is that we are living for! More joy to you!

  4. Mayflowerr says:

    Hey, good to see you on WordPress…looks neat!

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