In search of light – Vrindavan and Agra

Strangers passing in the street 

By chance two separate glances meet

And I am you and what I see is me  

There is an urge sometimes to just pick up the bag and set out and this is what i did a few days back all alone on the road. There is something about travelling alone , it at least ignites the thought process . Last week I was in a flight back to Delhi from home and there were times of turbulence every time the pilot mentioning about the bad weather outside. Having been on a flight quite a few many times I knew it was something normal but a conversation a week back came to mind. So next time when you are flying , I know there is always a apprehension but just think of what if this was the day , are you happy ?, have you done the things you wanted to do ? , just reflect upon your life and think that have you taken more than what you have given back ? , think of family , friends, a relationship that went wrong or something that was good, one trip that you always wanted to do , the sacrifices you have made , were they worth it or was the other option better. These are some basic questions we must keep asking yourself daily. 

So i spoke about this flight because when you are in a flight or in an AC compartment of train you tend to forget of a world that exists outside. The 400 kms covered were done on a state tourism 3/2 bus with common men who unlike the so called elite class talk and enjoy the little pleasures of life. From time to time it is very important to me to come back to the core, to experience a life very different from what I normally live , to remind me of the commonness that I a part of . While returning back from Agra it struck me that all the foreigners were travelling in AC buses while there was no such facility of enough frequency for us and it made me wonder the policies of government who in spite of generating so much of revenues cannot provide comfortable buses for everyone, a sorry state of affairs that we are to an extent responsible.

There is something about those faces which tells you a story. I sat for a cup of tea besides a sadhu and I knew he wanted a cup of tea too so I ordered 2 . The shopkeeper was asking for 16 bucks but he insisted on paying 10 which he always did. I always go to Vrindavan for peace , to see people like these who survive on bare minimum , for whom every meal is joy and who are free to an extent. It is here that you pass multitudes of faces, the millions of devotees at temple . Happy content faces, searching faces , desperate faces and peaceful faces all come together to bow before the almighty. India is a country of crowds which was apparent from the thousands of people on my frame while clicking pics at Taj Mahal and so is the varied thoughts and life they live. It is in journey’s like this that you understand them , you feel them and still feel that the enormity is beyond your comprehension. Incidentally it was a Dusshera day and there were coloured faces in Agra , people going for the visarjan of Durga idols. Faces colored to hide something , trying to find joy , trying to live something of their mundane lives , to celebrate something out of nothing. While going my bus met with an accident and there were people sitting on the first seat who got hurt. While boarding the bus I asked whether i could sit there but was sent back, destiny is a funny thing. But at the end of the day there were mixed feelings of a calm of coming back to life and of despair on seeing the condition our fellow Indians live in and above all a feeling of hope on seeing all the coloured faces still trying to be happy. Ideally travelling with someone else would have meant asking the question of how we would return back to our destinations from the bus stand at 11 : 00 p.m in the night but I did not care as i knew something would turn up. Things happen i big cities like Delhi and 14 people do fit in an auto in India and there are people travelling on the last metro all you have to do is to be on the right place at the right time.

   I am not the cause,
nor the effect,
I am not the doer,
nor the deed.
I am not this body, this mind,

nor the thoughts.
I am Joy,
I exist everywhere,
I am space,
I am Bliss,
I am what I am, eternally.
I am Sada Shiva, Sada Shiva.

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  1. sugar says:

    ejoyed reading your post, Abhinav. It is my dream to see Vrindavan!

    1. 1endofanera says:

      It is quite easy to reach , contact me if any help required as i have a temple there and contacts of hotels if you want to make a booking.

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