Favourite book discussion meet

“Few things linger longer or become more indwelling than that feeling of both completion and emptiness when a great book ends.”

One awesome evening spent with Booklovers of Delhi @ Leaky Cauldron discussing favourite books. 19 books discussed and the satisfaction that I had read most of those is immense. Over and above won a coupon for best contribution and quotes. Book review now 67 in number is a great thing , thank you Random Publishing house for a great evening.

For those who are going to buy one , kindly pick one from these

1)Little women by louisa may alcott
2)Siddharta by hermann hesse
3)on the road by jack kerouac
4)into the wild by jon krakauer
5) War and peace and Anna karenina by Leo Tolstoy
6)berlin stories robert walser
7)long walk to freedom by nelson mandela
8)roots by alex haley
9)pigeon english by stephen kelman
10)behind the beautiful forevers by katherine boo
11)the picture of dorian gray
12)The fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
13)It’s not about the bike by lance armstrong
14)the blind assassin by margaret atwood
15) war by sebastian junger
16) all quiet on the western front by erich maria remarque
17)english august by upamanyu chatterjee
18) Autobiography of benjamin Franklin
19) Act of writing

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  1. Sonofgun says:

    Great list! And may i ask what is your favourite among those books, sir?

  2. Sonofgun says:

    Not Siddartha? Not war and peace? Not Fountainhead? Not On the road? Not All Quiet on the western front atleastt? Not that i have read all of those books. Infact i have not read any of them. But my friends say many of the books i mentioned are great. Now that i see you are quite a reader of books, i find it surprising that you should put Into The Wild above all the other ones. Just curious why you think Into The Wild is a good book than, say, War and Peace or Fountainhead?

    By the way, your blog is toooo very great yaar! Keep it a goin!!!! 😀

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Thank you for that. Have read all the books u have mentioned and you can find their reviews in the book review section. War and peace is also my favourite. Into the wild is a different kind of book , though i do not mean to be a recluse but there are some aspects like living life to the fullest, openess to adventure ,minimalistic living , living in the present are some idealogies which i practice in life and somewhat fits to my idea. But it is very difficult after reading so many books to pick ur favorite.

  3. Sonofgun says:

    Da Thu. Thevdiya Paiyya. You say you have read all these books and more. Yet, your language sucks. Maybe that says a lot about IITans dont it? There is no wit, passion and a tweeny bit of perpectiveness in your writing. Proof that you are a 2-bit hack: You dont like Catcher in the rye because it is “depressing” but you 2 States is exalting eh? Podaangu, KRRRR thu! Please get out of the illusion that you are a great thinker, fucker! Interract with intelligent well read perspective people(no, not those IItans) and rack your fucking amit brains. Or just stop spamming your blog yourself.

    Oh, btw, littlesteptonirvana is so into the amit mould.

  4. Sonofgun says:

    Ok, maybe you did read all those 19 books you listed here plus the ones you posted under Book Reviews. Truth be said i too have read most of the books there. But there are many many things that surprise me.
    One, when you say you have read War And Peace, Fountainhead, Wuthering Heights and the like and yet have a concomitant love affair with Mitch Albom and Chetan Bhagat, it take a few milllion tons of suspension of disbelief to be convinced that you even got a few milligrams of someone of such greatness as Tolstoy.
    Two, it makes me shudder when you dumb down Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance when you call it “A rare delight for philosophy lovers”.
    Three, your inclination towards Into The Wild over some real great works of art that you “claim” to have read leaves me with no other choice than being convinced either that you raced through the 1000 something pages of War and Peace/Atlas Shrugged or you did sit through the sprawling pages of the huge tomes for months together and yet, i repeat myself, your dumb IIT brains did not get anything out of it. Oh, what the hell, the recent tropes of writers like Amish Tripathi, Ravinder Singh and Chetan Bhagat have deciededly proved that IITans are about as microprocessors chips as they can get, as in, anything but engineering works out really bad for them. So please dont foray into literature for your own good.
    Four, when i read your posts, i feel my 8 year old kid brother who gets all his thoughts and language only from the cartoons would make a far more sane and interesting and matured blogger material. Really dude, ask any stranger to read your blog and he would not possibly believe that you have read so many books, i tell you. If i said your writing sucks, it would be an understatement. I say both form and content sucks.
    Five, in so far as human daily life mundane activities are concerned, it is true that people, when they reach the peak of boredom give in to their whims and fantasies, go on a spurious roller coaster trip into their daydreaming world, and after a lot of thought and “introspection: as you like, set down to record all that in a blog, so naturally it shouldnt take anyone by surprise that, for reasons of sheer narcissism and a certain flavor of megalomania, try to come up with something profound as a tag line to the blog title. And after all the exhausting efforts, nothing dawns on their minds, ofcourse people resort to ripping off quotes said by some of the wise men of our age. Nothing particularly wrong with that. But when a self-proclaimed well-read person puts something as grammatically, syntactically, semantically, common sensically WRONG as this(HOW IMPORTANT IT IS IN LIFE NOT NECESSARILY TO BE STRONG, BUT TO FEEL STRONG), so much that it bears no plausible meaning at all; god forbid, you would have to prepare yourself for the onslaught waiting for you in hell on charges of “Defamation of the English Language and Human ability to write a proper sentence”, something like being incarcerated alive for 4567890 thousand years alive.

    Oh wait, about this one “But it is very difficult after reading so many books to pick ur favorite.” although its true, coming from you, its more like “Hey, i did not get any of the million books i read, Into The Wild was the only well acclaimed book that made any sense to my ant brain, so i would try to be diplomatic and say i was able to relate more with it because, you know, if i said i was able to relate with War and peace, i wouldnt be able to talk shit when some random fucker asks me anything about the book”

    Bye Bye yaar! Teek Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Tumhara naam Ho Kya.Ham Aapke hai kaun. Good hindi? No? Irritating is it? This is nowhere as near as the heights to which your condescending holier than thou attitude in writing turns my freak on when your writing reeks of buffalo fart.

    Uh, bye bye again Amitji.

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Quite an effort, thank you again

  5. Sonofgun says:

    Ah, the Amit takes the easiest way to circumvent the trap, sound smart and nonchalant, all at once. Or maybe Sirji is thinking this is the Zen way to keep calm. But heck, what am i thinking, you have come up with a well sounding sentence man. I have to give it to you for that alone. Woot! Way to go! Your devious ways have contrived a pretty good escape route yaaar!

    p.s: please dont reply thank you again your majesty. With all your dexterousness with words and gratuitousness at heart, show your loyal subject some of your royal wisdom sire.

  6. Kautuk Raj says:

    my blog is at readinglova.wordpress.com
    visit it for short and long stories!!!!!!!!
    hope you like it…..

  7. mflowerr says:

    Superb list….Had been looking out for suggestions for a while…thankyou very much for making my work easier:)

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