“It should not be denied… that being footloose has always exhilarated us. It is associated in our minds with escape from history and oppression and law and irksome obligations, with absolute freedom, and the road has always led West.” taken from into the wild

Thanks you life for sometimes you bump me across interesting people. Had a conversation with a friend or let me say a confession as this is an era of those to name IIT confessions se lekar all college confessions. There was a time in my life when i had come back from a village and found myself totally lost in the city. It was one of those evenings when i found my brother kneeling before one of my neighbors and  he making fun of him just because we were from village and did not know the english or anything else like them. This was probably the most important day of my life because on that i had decided that i will show them in my own way. From that day to the journey of this day has been wonderful.They talk of year on year growth at b schools , we must see the growth of some of the guys i have met and they will realize everything is vanity.

I don’t now how the talk today came on our CAT exams when a friend told me his story. You must listen to him once for i will never be able to bring out the essence. It goes like this that this friend of mine was very very weak in english , to an extent that he could hardly speak anything till standard six. So he landed up in a small fight at school and landed up in the principals office. He could not comprehend what the master had to say and just kept on shaking his head in the affirmative.Later when his father told him that why he did not wanted to study in the school he just laughed off saying that he could not understand what his principal had to say. We also laughed off but there was something that small thing which made me realize that really life is wonderful. To the kid carrying his dad’s credit card and ordering a subway enumerating all the minute specifications he wants , my friend , me and many others may appear as foolish but somewhere the fun of life is all about all those small things in life.

I am a very professional guy and quite formal too. Even if the company has offered me a huge sum of money to spend daily on accommodation and travel I know i will be modest and return the rest like a good boy because  i have always been like that. The whole post reminds me and so does the evening of the day i wrote my cat in the evening slot. I brought in professionalism because i was playing football for a club and being payed. On the day of exam i was supposed to play in the morning and i could have excused my self but i knew the team needed me. I had to tell a lie , i told mom that i had exam in the morning slot and later called up that i had messed up and i had my exam in the evening slot and that there was no point in returning back. I played the game , went and rested for sometime in a restaurant and wrote my exam. I know you may laugh at me , call it ridiculous just like the hundreds who think that Chris from Into the wild was a recluse and made a wrong choice. Let me be honest , in life if you don’t do these things then there would be no meaning to life.

Find below a pic from rishikesh , a place where i am happy really happy.


To all the friends there you all are wonderful.

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