Light up your lives : A Philips competition entry

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently”- Calvin & Hobbes

Last year at this time, lurking on the footboard of Rajdhani express I remember gazing at the passing green trees shrouded with red gulmohar trees. I kept gazing at the setting Sun, waiting for a new day on which I begin yet another chapter of my life. A few days back I returned from a bike trip to Uttrakhand and I admit that I am lucky to have survived the deluge. There was a point at 7 p.m., the last 20kms of the valley still left and another 300km to reach my destination; I see a blue lit sky with a beautiful cloud cover and a light emerging much like a halo. I stood there and gazed through the slit in the helmet with the engine left to idle itself. That moment and many other similar discrete moments in life are the moments of hope, of light, of realization of a dream, of eternal happiness, of peace and many other great feelings in life

I feel that your life at B-school is a binary function much like many other things in life. Our life operates through a switch here and it upon us to switch it on. My last one year has been on a switch on mode. I still remember the first rains at college when we ran to the football field and drenched ourselves in rain. The element of light has not been restricted to big things and often I have found it in beautiful smile, a shake of hand, a random laugh, b day celebrations, gazing from my window, humor in the class, cups of tea with friends, breaks between classes, lyrics of a beautiful song, solving a difficult problem, celebrating after a match, random dances, a guitar session between assignments and many more.

Of all these small things in life there is also a much bigger thing that light signifies in our lives, the light within ,  the light of passion, of desire to pursue something unique and pursue it in whatever circumstances. A B school really tests your waters because of the lack of time. My one year at college has brought me more close to the things I love. At the end of an hectic day of work with little sleep previous night, often people go to the comforts of a nap, it is at these days I have wore my studs for a game of football in the evening. Of the endless pages of study material, at the end of the day I switched on my light to read a few pages from a book for the love of reading, for the love of that smell that a book brings with it. Sometimes light goes beyond a passion inside, it is then that you become a candle, a source of light. People have brought in light in my life here and I too have done my bit. Being a long distance runner, I know the feeling of ecstasy that running brings with it. I have started a running club and have initiated many people into it, my way of bringing light in some lives.

“Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of good things. And no good thing ever dies”― The shawshank redemption

I would end this post with few lines from my favorite movie, light is hope, a quintessential aspect of life and I have found in the most precarious of situations. What it has done to me is a feeling that everything will be all right and this too shall pass.

Note : The contest here made me gauze at a tubelight just above my bed. It has been a part and parcel of my life as it has always given that fun in reading just because of the ample light. I checked out the brand and laughed at seeing,”Philips” engraved, this tubelight too has been a source of light in my life , something very important I must admit.

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  1. Suvira Yadav says:

    I could actually feel the words coming out..b’ful piece of writing..

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Thanks for dropping by

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