The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzerald











Title: The Great Gatsby
Author: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzerald
Genere : Classic
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780141037639
Now a major motion picture
“One autumn night, five years before, they had been walking down the street when the leaves were falling, and they came to a place where there were no trees and the sidewalk was white with moonlight.”
There are some books which you have been planning to read for a long time and then all of a sudden one day you find time and read it at a go. This book falls in the same category for me. I had issued it twice before from the library but was not able to go through it, but somehow this time i found the time. There is something about these timeless classics which makes them extremely difficult to review. In fact this is one of those books where probably I would have loved to have a discussion with fellow readers. Whatever i write about this book in this review may or may agree with you but then it is this freedom that the online media has certainly bestowed upon us. In one line i would say that like all the classics, this one too stands out and leaves a profound impact on the reader all together.
The novel has a multitude of characters ranging from of course Gatsby to daisy to Tom. Gatsby’s tragic pursuit of his dream is often cited as the great American Novel. What is Gatsby, who is Gatsby is sort of mystery which shrouds throughout the book. The relationship between all the characters is nicely used by the author to weave a splendid tale. From the vivid descriptions of Gatsby’s parties to the tragic pursuit of lost love , the tale is said in simple words and is very readable. Actually one can do the character review of the important characters and feel that there was egoism , love , loneliness, prejudice and a mixture of other strong emotions.
There are a lot of dimensions in this tale. The one that struck me first is the age old necessity for men to be able to afford a woman. There was no illusion that marriage was all about love! Another dynamic that we see played is how badly women were treated by men. Yet another is the hidden identities and hidden agendas of most of the characters. What do they really want? What ever it is, they scheme desperately in hopes of getting it. A most intriguing book.
The book also carries an introduction and I would like to quote few lines from the same as somehow these lines fit in somewhere. “Did you ever see an amusement park? Go to one at night and stand a little away off from it in a dark place- under dark trees. You’ll see a big wheel made of lights turning in the air, and a long slide shooting boats down into the water. A band playing somewhere, and a smell of peanuts- and everything will twinkle.But it won’t remind you of anything, you see. It will all just hang out there in the night like a colored balloon- like a big yellow lantern on a pole…… but don’t get up close…..because if you do you’ll only feel the heat and the sweat and the life”
Last but not the least , a reviwer’s job is not to spoil the story for the reader. All I would suggest is that this book is definitely a good read.
Rating : 4.5/5

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