Annapurna Circuit Trek Nepal – Detailed day to day itinerary

Annapurna circuit trek at Nepal is one of the most beautiful and at the same time very challenging one. The maximum elevation that one travels on this trek is close to 5500 meters and it involves passing the Thorang La pass. The trek route is scenic and is a complete package. Passes for the same are made at Kathmandu and Pokhara and the pricing is different for Indians and for those traveling from outside India. The other pass is for doing a particular trek. Though a good part of the trek while ascending and descending is motor able it is advisable to trek because it prepares you for the higher altitudes. Carry enough cash as there are no ATMS on the way and only at one point it can be borrowed by paying up 10% from a shop. Don’t  pay up for the room rent in the guest houses on the way as anyways you will end up eating at that place. A normal meal will cost close to 400 nepales per meal on an average. I am listing down the itinerary that we had taken. We were quite short of time and so it involved a lot of walking per day. We kept a day for acclimatizing and consider this as an essential for the trek. I am listing down some key essentials for the trek. If you travel light , there are no porters required and also the trail is pretty much known so there is no need of a guide either.

1)     Good pair of shoes with good grip and waterproofing to walk on ice.

2)     Sleeping bag

3)     Thermal wear for negative temperatures.

4)     Headlamp

5)     Toilet paper

6)     Diamox for altitude sickness

7)     4 pair of socks and good number of undergarments

8)     A good camera 



Day 1 : Bus from Pokhra to Besi sahar and then that day to Syange

Day 2: Syange to Chamje

Day 3 : Chamje to Dharapani

Day 4 :Dharapani to Chame

Day 5 :Chame to Pisang

Day 6 : Pisang to Manang

Day 7: Manang to Yak Kharka

Day 8 : Rest at Yak Kharka

Day 9 : YakKharka – rest

Day 10 : Yak Kharka to Throang Pedi

Day 11 : Thorang pedi to Muktinath

Day 12 :Muktinath- rest

Day 13 Muktinath to Jomsom

Day 14 : Jomsom to beni – Bus


Note that this is quite rigrous and one could stop at any village that he finds good enough. The days of rest can also be increased as per capacity and time. There are few off trail roads that cab be tried. Indians can drink the water locally available while others have to clean it before consumptio

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