Excerpts from a random life of a guy…

“The full moon is silhouetted against the sea, smothering the waves with silver reflections. Sitting on a dune, we watch the continuous ebb and flow, each with our distant thoughts. ” Taken from Motor Cycle diaries.

I write this post listening to the songs of ,”Udaan”. Actually this is my life,  equally predictable and unpredictable at the same time. It is predictable like the big rock on the mountain , at the same place at the same time and unpredictable like the flowing river , taking any course and just flowing .A few days back i landed up in a unreserved coach for a 3 hour train  journey. I made friends with a guy sitting by the window and he generously shared the seat with me. Amidst the multitude of crowd in the compartment i managed to find peace as the train sped towards its destination letting in some fresh air. I completed the last 40 pages of the motor cycle diaries somewhat squinting at times just to find enough light to read. I was reading this for the second time and probably in a most appropriate circumstances totally empathizing with what was going on in their lives.

Few excerpts from a personal diary written last week at a quiet sojourn with nature at Kumbalgarh fort , Udaipur, “At this moment of my life , I am happy and contented. Happiness is something that cannot be attributed to a particular event for i feel that happiness always  comes with a summation function. I have been sitting here for almost two hours , oblivious to the outer world with the winds rustling , birds chirping and a picture perfect view of the Arravali’s” . My tryst with destiny is still on and once again i came out alive from a lake believed to have crocodiles.It seems foolish but this is pretty much symbolic of the impermanence of our lives which we take it for granted. God has brought me out of many precarious situations in the past and i hope he keeps doing so in the future.


You must see your life as a series of fortunate accidents and never ever try to predict it. What are the odds of meeting the same person , in the same compartment for three consecutive years. During my second year B-tech days I met Mr X traveling alone ,then the next year i met Mr X and his wife and in my final year i met them and the kid. I was having a conversation with a female junior yesterday post my football game and she was saying,” You never know you may find someone in a trek “. How true was that statement is something i would not write about here but i will definitely say that i have randomly bumped into someone who has made me feel that this world is a good place and if you have faith you will find yourself or the reflection of yourself  in the most precarious and unpredictable of the places. Probably it once again accentuates the belief which i have tested over time that,”When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

Let your life flow , let there be no constraints , let that cool breeze blow on your face and purify you to the core , have random cups of tea with friends, pick up your bag and just travel ,start running today , treat someone just for the heck of it, pay a visit to a friend in the most unexpected fashion , sing aloud , whistle if you want , let that laughter come out gently, dance in the rain , take a stroll in the night , experience a sunrise and look up at the stars. Last but not the least start falling in love with someone , something and you never know you find your self there.

Below is a picture of a good cup of tea at a dhaba yesterday amidst rain .


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  1. Mayflower says:

    Makes a great narration

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