Wrote this for the brother of a friend, who passed away a month back. We can never fill a void and can never understand the pain that the family members go through. The grief is more profound when someone dies at a very young age. My mom always tells me that,”Good people are very close to God and so he does not let them suffer, he generally calls them early.”Thantophobia is the term which means,”The fear of losing someone whom you love.” We all have this fear and i think it is genuine. But this is how life is,you never no when the heart skips a beat and everything ends. Dalai Lama,Mahatma Gandhi, religious texts etc. talk of compassion. I think people who are very capable of love can only truly understand this term.Wrote this short piece for,”Sky”(nickname) quite impromptu.


And one day someone asked me the color of sky

I looked out of the window and frowned !!

It was a bit reddish drowned

While only yesterday it was a yellowish crowned

Once upon a time it was also slightly browned

I liked it when it had rain engrained

But whatever sky had its presence ordained

Oh!! What color are you my Sky?

“Look within and i am your joy”

Sky is me and i am Sky

And even if the world passes by

It’s the same Sky who greets you,”Hi”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. chandni says:

    beautiful poem abhinav…..keep up d good work….keep inspiring…

  2. May says:

    beautifully written

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