Travel Short Stories -1


Have you skipped a meal just because you did not have enough money to buy food ? Don’t be ashamed because millions on the planet go to bed on an empty stomach. I bring this out here to accentuate the importance of experiences in life. Adversity actually is a great teacher , it shows you how strong you are. It also makes you realize that how, many people keep worrying about the uninimportant things in life. Everything in life is about getting to know the unknown , not knowing the unknown but yourself in return.

I write this today because i was reminded of my Uttrakhand trip exactly two years back with Patil and Warner. We went to the fag end of Uttrakhand to Mana village.We managed not only to bike to Badrinath but also do the Valley of flowers and Hemkund Sahib trek. You can understand our good fate just from the fact that just after 12 hours of crossing a glacier to Hemkund Sahib, it got washed off and a road got washed up just half an hour after we crossed it. I feel that being alive happens mostly on the other side of the road that we are on. It was on this trek that we mistook a SBI sign board for an ATM and had to proceed the trek on less than a shoestring budget. I remember a hearty Parle G brunch and a thing or two about human nature.Since then for all of us the life has been going on, i think with a pinch of thankfulness for being alive.

I embark again on an explortory trek , this time truely into the unknown. It is monsoons and i expect it to be a rainy affair . But in this life there is nothing more exciting than doing something new , something insane because insanity keeps the heart beating.

Trekking , especially in India is a different way of life all together. It is a neat simple life. You wake up at the break of day and you go back to sleep when its dark. There is no hurry here , it is all about peace , serenity and being in unision with nature. Distances changes utterly when you trek the world on foot. You learn to pitch a tent and sleep beneath the stars, in totality you learn to live. The mountains always embrace the seeker.

Off to the mountains ….

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  1. Didn’t knew you had this close encounter with the deadly floods in 2013. Have a adventurous but safe trek this time !!

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