Why care, why be so aware

Why despair, why prepare

Why that glare, why that unwanted flare


Why so peeved, why so grieved

Nothing here is to be believed


Why the qualm and not the calm

Why slam and not proclaim


Why fret, why regret

When you can always forget


Why this mask, why all this task

Why ask and not bask


Why lie, why comply

Why act as a sly, why reply

Why justify, why not just simplify



Why not just exist

Why not just stand and stare

Why not believe and dare

Why should there be reason to love

Why has life to be perfect to live

Why not just open up the door

Why do you want more and more

Where have you lost your natural smile

What is that with the constant smirk


Look around and feel the joy

See the sun and see the stars

Close your eyes and try to understand

You you are just a grain of sand



Why fikar,

Why not become just FIKARNOT!!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice poem Baccha !!

    Was having some “Fikar” lately, now good that you reminded me. It simplify lot of things 🙂


    1. 1endofanera says:

      Yes chola bhai , we are fikarnotians

  2. anubhav sharma says:

    Wonderful lessons for life Gunner

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