The biking life

Four Wheels move the body , Two Wheels move the soul
Four Wheels move the body , Two Wheels move the soul

“No matter where you are in life, there is always more journey ahead “

The view of the world from my helmet is wonderful. I always wonder what the world would have looked like through Michael Shumacher’s helmet, probably a world flashing past him. Quite similar is the way we see our lives, often in flashes, of memories popping up randomly, fleeting glimpses, of multitude of emotions felt in a lifetime and finally the realization that life is all about relishing your own journey. My few moments in life as seen through my helmet are quite fascinating and have made me realize that we learn a lot on being on the move. My journey on 2 wheels has sometimes been in slow motion, sometimes swift, sometimes in circles, sometimes arrow straight and once in a while breathtakingly fast. I have been on good roads, bad roads, worst roads, no roads, mud roads, water roads, snow roads, on any kind of roads with one constant, unceasing melody of which I have been much more aware than my heartbeat, a mellow Dug Dug Dug.


I like this biking life for this not only makes me a part of the nature but also syncs me to it. When the dawn starts to rise, I do the daily cleaning ritual of the bike, do the routine checks, leave the engine to idle, grab a cup of tea, put in my luggage and just set on the road, for being on the road is freedom, for riding the bike makes you alive, for the act is totally life, for in true sense it is all about living in the present. I clean the few droplets on the rearview and gaze at the reflection of the snow capped mountains and wonder in awe; how far have I come. There is no plan, no destination, no direction and no bondage and i stop where i like to be. I have spent hours just gazing at a mountain on the roadside with a book in my hand and the machine by the side of me. I remember, once riding in the valleys I was thinking how every turn on the road has its own apprehension and its own joy of an ever changing landscape and I realize isn’t life like that with its unpredictability the only certainty ?


Inside your helmet a whole amazing world runs much like what happens inside your mind. The talks I have had with myself in my bike rides were quite amazing and sometimes I wish I could remember all of them but as in life everything pops up at the right time. I chuckle when I sing a ninety’s song loud while on a normal day I would be probably listening to Floyd but then this is what biking is all about, it at some point connects you to your subconscious. On a different level biking is also all about making your peace not only with pain but in the end with the world which also includes you. It makes you a romantic, a philosopher, a dreamer, a monk, a writer, a poet, a singer, a mechanic, a tea lover, a mountain man, a Biker.

daya 4

Why care, why be so aware!!

Why fret, why regret!!

Why not just exist

Why not just stand and stare

Why fikar

Why not become FIKARNOT!!

You are your own mirror, the truth teller, the destiny maker. Beaten, judged, questioned, and refused. You have emerged from the ashes of time to soar high in the sky, to ride and to rule the world.

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