Happy New Year – 2016

The year began with a trek and is going to end with a trek. Will just leave you with few lines to ponder upon. Do have a happy 2016 and may you see more of the world this year.

1) Ideally a change of calendar may not insure a change but it may be a good day for a fresh start. 2015 was the first year where i set realistic targets: running , reading and writing and it helped me go the extra mile. So start small with a list of few things and believe me it is a great feeling to have accomplished it by the end of the year.

2) Happiness is a mysterious thing , to be found somewhere between too much and too little .

3) If possible say no to bad movies(read it as Dilwale) , bad service(Read it as 3G,4G) : we as consumers are responsible for accepting the shit

4) Give a thought to your life goals

5) You yourself are the traffic, the pollution , the crowd and you must sincerely give back to the nature in some way.

6)Don’t take life too seriously

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