Life Goals

I think for a positive outlook towards life you must have your own set of life goals. I listed down mine, took good time of 3 weeks and thought about it properly. I would recommend you to do the same.

Travel the world, either with someone you love, otherwise alone.
Find someone whom you can’t live without
Find happiness in the ordinary
Be on time without exceptions
Save for things that matter and spend on things you will use.
Today is the right time to do what you love to do
In the long run your past trepidation seem futile so just take the plunge
When i saw my mom cry for the first time , i knew , everyone here is human , be humane
Life is mysterious,don’t think too much on it
Exercise and try to keep fit, your body is your vehicle to success
listen or participate in thought provoking discussions
short term purpose of life is to inspire people , long term purpose will eventually dawn
Give to someone in need. It doesn’t have to be money, but it could be your time or energy.
Live for experiences, be it a meal with locals in a remote village or hot coffee in the Everest
To achieve any goal in life you have to fight for it , so fight for your goals
Spend a winter in the mountains
Write a small book on your experiences
Be much more aware of the surroundings, sun , moon and the birds
Pick up a few things in life and be a master of it for eg: repairing your bike
Let no marketeers influence your choices in life because afterall the purpose of food was to nourish
Never waste time on television
Plant at least 20 trees in a lifetime,it will stay here for long after you leave the earth.
Don’t expect life to be fair

Last but not the least spot a snow leopard




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  1. Dr.V.Sridhar says:

    Quite interesting.Indeed encouraging. Everything is fine and one can follow if only one is willing.Your very first sentence ‘Travel the world’….. I think one must be fortunate.Forget the world,even being an Indian I am not able to visit many worth seeing places.One day I am sure I shall get enough time and money to do this travel thing and enjoy the photography and people of these places.Thanks a ton for your article.Thought provoking !

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