My first marathon

20160118_092324“My precious ” , the first marathon will always be special . Will take you through a quick timeline of the whole marathon preparation and some facts.
Total of 492.76 km between april to dec.
Did not run a single professional run in 2015
In Aug :The day i registered for marathon: one last quarter of old monk until the run (did not happen and old monk was always there for hydrating me)
Deer park in delhi , morabadi maidan in ranchi and Iit madras were the places where most of the practice runs happened .
Aug-sept :one best period of peak fitness
Oct: shifting of city happened and still a good number of runs happened , was determintal because could have easily lost the routine.
Nov- mid dec: too much work , no long runs , decrease in mileage , mental game began
Talking to self : on a daily basis , especially early monrning when you fight the battle between sleep and run.
Confidence :the 2:09 half marathon finish in delhi was all the confidence i had , see how small things matter , your hope rests on a tiny run and makes you mentally strong
Dec: did a few 10 km runs , the max i prepared for a marathon
Day before the run: body felt like cramps all over , how will i run
Night before the run: let there be some sleep. Missed putting up the alarm
Day of run: shivangi woke me up at 3: 45 , mentally i thanked her so much. Took a hot shower and when i sat in the local felt all strong. Entering the running area , felt like peeing and hated the extra walk i had to do for it , remember sometimes you have to behave as a miser with your own energy.
During the run: at 2 km mark , wtf , why do i feel tired
At 14-18 km on the sealink : wow this is good
At 24 km : where the fuck is food , stop at a shop and buy two dairy milks
At 32 km : leg hurting badly , shall i open the shoes and run ? I open it an within no time i wear it again
After the 42: felt like killing the person who designed the arena , walked 750 m to collect the medal
Reach home : feel great , have two glasses of old monk .
Evening: oldmonk again at bar stock exchange
Night : flight back to chennai , felt like , ” hey i ran a marathon today , can i have one more extra plate of food” ” never ever give up”

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  1. Ramnath Bhagat says:

    Respect bhai !! i cant imagine … Truly commendable work. keep it up.

  2. moromeedas says:

    Hey Thank you for following my Blog….I just started blogging….and seeing the notification that someone with such a magnanimous profile is following me was inspiring.

    1. All the best for blogging

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