Stories from lives of people below poverty line

6 Karan Kisku hails from Araria in Bihar. He is a young 19-year-old Carpenter with Purvankara. Apart from his parents, he has 2 brothers and 4 sisters at home. His dad was the only source of income when he decided to quit high school to support the family. It was a hard call to quit school but he succumbed to his neighbours daily taunts and the hapless condition at home. Purvankara gave him the opportunity to earn and live a respectable life. He not only meets his daily expenses but also sends money home. He contributed a good deal for his siters marriage.



Narayan Mahto hails from Kombakera, Simdega. He currently works as a mason at one of the sites of Purvankara. He is grateful to Purvankara for making him financially stable. Having lost his dad, he is the only earning hand for a big family of four siblings and his mother. He is 10th pass and circumstances compelled him to leave school. He says that he was lucky to come across the gurukul program and it has changed his life. He works hard and pays attention to learn the skills. He takes proud in supporting his family and sends 60% of his income to home.


Bhisma Lohar hails from Purulia district and works as a mason at one of the sites of Purvankara. He is 30 years old and has been working since the age of 16. He has worked as a helper, a bus conductor and mason before but it is only with Purvankara that he has found a stable and respectable job. Bhisma is married and has 2 kids. A illness in the family forced him to quit school and since then he has been supporting his family. He looks forward with this journey with Purvankara and wants to master the masonry skill.


Roshan Kulu hails from Simdega and works as a Tiler at one of the sites of Purvankara. He feels respectable and financially independent with his job at Purvankara. He is 24-year-old and only has 2 brothers who are farmers. He is a happy go lucky person and sends 50% of his earnings to his brothers. While his co-workers have the ambition to save money and build a home, he believes in enjoying the present. He looks forward to finding a girl and marrying her and settling in this part of the country.

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