OLA rides- the funny side of horrible driver experiences

For a guy who is always on the move , both personally and professionally the encounters with a cab driver is almost a daily affair. There are always good rides, bad rides , worse rides and funny rides. Personally my funny experiences have been mostly with OLA, maybe because i use a lot of OLA Share considering their easy availability at all the times.At the pretext , there have been real good rides too, one just day before yesterday when a driver rode almost 17 kms in 45 minutes and helped me catch a train. I am also thankful for the fact that some drivers are so good that if i book a OLA for my parents , they coordinate and give them a good service.

So let us begin with the experiences

  1. The one who had no idea of what he was doing : Reminds me of an exam in engineering , i read the question paper and was provided a chart to refer to. I had absolutely no idea of why the chart was given.Our guy here had no idea of how to use the mobile. He was happily waiting for me at the station without caring to call up, the reason being, he had no idea how to view my number. He had no idea of English or Hindi and had asked someone in the cab already to speak to me and confirmed my ride. Anyways , I managed to find the guy. I ended his last trip and started mine for him. He had no idea of the route so at a point i felt like i should have driven the car and made him sit. All said and done, he managed to drop me on a one way road half a km from destination.Since i had no idea of route, i preferred to walk rather that direct him to the other side of one way route. It was here that his auto driver instincts came in and he said that he had no change to return my 20 bucks and wanted to keep it as tip. I told him that i would not leave until i got the change on which quite magically two 10 rupee notes were found.
  2. The one who was very very smart:  On an urgent 10 am meeting with a CEO, i booked my own car. Our fellow was around 2km away and said that he would be there in 7 minutes. Anyways I gobbled my breakfast , wore the shoes and saw that the ride still shows 7 minutes away. I tried to track the ride and found that the car was stationary. I called up and he said that he was waiting for me at the pick up point. I asked where he was and he told at the pick up point. I was a bit amazed but thought that maybe the tracking is not working today properly. I walked to the pick up point and our hero was not there. I called again and blatantly he lied. Had to cancel the ride. Our fellow thought that he could go on having a good time and could fool around with people.
  3. The One who talked more and drove slow:  I was supposed to catch a Shatabdi , the train is important because i know it will start on time. Our guy here knew hindi and gossiped. Told me everything about his fascinating career while i wished he could drive a little fast. He reconfirmed many times that will the train go on time and i told yes. Somehow whenever i told yes , his speed came down as if this was the ride of his life where he had to spill it out all.All the running came in handy as i had to run the last km to catch my train.
  4. The one who was short tempered:  Our fellow took 20 minutes to reach the pick up point which was just a km away from the point where we had booked. Anyways he had confused on the roads and we rightly cancelled the trip because he was taking too much time. I had told him that i was wearing a blue shirt. Meanwhile my other cab was about to come when he came up to us and said to hop in. I told him that we have cancelled the ride. He rode off but started the trip meter and billed us for 130 which was deducted from ola money. Our complain was accepted and we got the money but definitely this guy would have not felt great about it.
  5. The one who was smoked up: I enter the car at 11 pm on a rainy night. Our fellow had smoked up inside the car. I went in and could smell the stuff.I had to cancel the ride. The guy was calm , probably because of the drug, all he did was smile.

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