Travel Stories -Are you made for travel ?

You know somewhere deep down we all have that wish to travel the world. Like any other wish in the world , only when you experience it from close will you know whether truly you want to do it on not. I once took a break from my very first job , I was in early twenties , still I planned out a month’s trip on the Indian railways involving most of the night’s on the train , train food , train entertainment, sometimes a.c. berths, sometimes sleeper and once or twice general compartments too. It was an acid test which I passed, I knew yes I can travel .


You know if travel relentlessly there will be times when you have to be for bad food , uncomfortable bed, sleepless night etc. If this does not hamper your happiness, you my friend are made for travel.
Taken at a 12 hour layoff at , Nairobi airport , I got to know a lot about Kenya , its tourism,economics, what to expect etc.

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  1. Being flexible is the secret to successful travels. 🍓

    1. 1endofanera says:

      Definitely, it adds to that excitement factor which a normal monotonous life dents us

      1. Well said! May you experience many enlightening travels! 🍓

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